Sunday, September 16, 2012

Training In Seoul

Now that I'm living in Seoul I've had to adjust my training a bit.  There are a few upsides to living in the city and a few downsides but overall the riding is better than I thought it would be.  Luckily right behind my school there is a really nice climb called the Bukak Skyway and its well lit at night so I can go riding even after its dark.   The only problem is except Bukak San, Namsan and several other super steep hills near the school a lot of the roads are really crowded with cars.  Also I haven't been able to find any mountain bike trails near my house yet but I plan to keep exploring and hopefully find some soon.  
Another good thing about living here is that there are lots of group rides to go on in Seoul which is nice but I'm not really a huge fan of group rides so I still plan to on doing some good long road rides on my own.

The fall racing season kicks in to high gear next weekend and I will have a race every weekend until the end of October.  On Saturday I'm racing a traditional XC mtb race and on Sunday my team is doing a team relay mtb race.  Its 5 people each doing 1 lap of a 1km course.  That should be pretty interesting I think and the winning team gets pretty good prize money so I think it will be pretty competitive also.