Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Superweek didn't really go great for me or the team. The 3 races we did were OK but we didnt' get any top 20 results. I got 22nd in Racine which got me excited for the rest of the races but I was pretty tired still and basically did nothing for the rest of the week. Down town Chicago was a pretty sweet location for a crit though and racing at Downer Avenue was really great. I had a few cold refreshing beverages on my cool down lap from some nice fans. I definitely want to do that race again. I learned a valuable lesson too. Racing just for the sake of racing is dumb for me. I need to focus on a few races and doing more than 2 per week usually doesn't result in me doing well so next time I do super week I plan to only do the weekend ones so that I can avoid getting tired and sucking it up again. Hopefully this weekend in Elk grove goes better.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Ville and Super Week

It's been a really long time since i have posted on here probably due to travelling a lot and having a very short attention span and a lack of awesome results. But actually my results really haven't been too bad with a few pretty good ones in there too. After coming back from Fitchburg and taking a few more days off the bike I finally started to feel better and managed not to get dropped from the first day of Super Week in Chicago. Then the next day my Turin team drove down to Louisville for some NRC crit action in the hottest weather of the year so far. I got 9th place which netted almost $500!!!! And now I can say that i have finished top 10 in an NRC race which I think sounds pretty cool. After a kind of mediocre next day where our team got 3 in the top 15 but no one in the top 10 we headed back up to Chicago for more super week action. I placed 20th at Richton park and 22nd in Evanston (sort of I think they put me ahead of where i really was but I am not complaining) but had a few lackluster days and crashed at Ripon. Ripon was an exciting one since it started raining with 20 laps to go and people started crashing left and right. I managed to keep it up in the rain but I blew up with 2 laps to go and finished 30th. Now I have been resting at Purdue for a few days and I am gonna do Racine, Kenosha, Downer Ave and the Chicago Downtown Criterium. Should be an exciting 4 days of racing.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

fitchburg/ oh crap!

We drove to Fitchburg Massachusetts on Tuesday and went for a ride on Wednesday. I felt pretty slow and crappy but I figured I had better give the race a shot anyway. I felt really crappy in the TT on Thursday and nearly finished in last place. Then Friday I got dropped really early and called it a day. I am overtrained/overraced and I need to take a few days off. I really shouldn't have come to this race but didn't realize this until wednesday when I was riding. Oh well it happens, but it is really hard to stay motivated when something like this happens. hopefully I will feel better by wednesday and can still perform well in Super Week and Louisville.

tour de grandview

This was one of the coolest crit courses I have ever done. It finished with a .25 mile long climb that was about 6% and had a few sweet downhill corners that you could take at full speed. The race was tough with big squads for inferno, texas rd house and DLP racing. There were a bunch of breakaway attempts that got reeled back and about half way through the 45 mile race I went in a break with an inferno rider and texas road house. Then 6 more riders including Chris bridged up and the announcer said “ This could be the winning break”. That was it as we got away and worked well together until 5 laps to go. People started attacking and I and Chris traded off marking moves. I got 7th and Chris got 4th. It was a good race for our team.
We came home Sunday late I worked on my research Monday and now we are driving to Fitchburg Massachusetts for a 4 day NRC stage race. This is my first NRC race of the year and my goal is to make it to the finish with the lead group everyday which should get me a pretty good overall finish hopefully.