Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back to Base Training 이제 다음시즌 준비시작!

After the disappointment of racing poorly at Iceman I took a week off biking but I started up training again soon after.  I realized that I always have problems with my asthma every fall but luckily it isn’t a deterrent to being able to go for normal rides or lift weights.  So  I’ve started up with my winter base training which basically follows a pretty simple plan.  I lift weights twice a week and then go for long rides on the other days when I have time.  Luckily the weather has been pretty ok the last few weeks and I have been able to get some good rides in.
IU doesn’t have many group rides but I did manage to get out on a ride with the club president Paul a few weeks ago.  I wanted to do dirt roads in the Hoosier National Forest south of Bloomington but Paul was on his TT bike.  Lucky for me he said he was ok as long as we avoided roads with lots of loose gravel.  We ended up having a really epic ride and discovering some awesome roads to ride.  We also crossed a closed down bridge that was built in 1893!  We finished up our ride at Steak and Shake to refuel.  I think Paul may have broken the world record for longest dirt road ride on a TT bike.
This last week I had a great solo ride too. I went out on my mountain bike and rode some of the forest roads in Yellowwood state forest in Brown County.  These roads were awesome with nice long gradual climbs and basically no cars.  I road for almost 3 hours on these great forest roads.  The one disappointing thing about living in Bloomington though is the lack of single track that you can ride too.  There are tons of hiking trails and horse trails around but almost all of them are closed to bikes.  It really makes me miss Korea where almost every hiking trail is open to mountain bikers.  For Thanksgiving I’m in Colorado with my family.  It’s the first time we have all been together in over a year! We are going to go to Steamboat springs and go skiing.  Should be a great break!  Happy Thanksgiving!
나 이제 베이스트레이닝 다시시작이에요.  마지막대회 천식때문에 잘못탔지만 일주일쉬고 다시트라이딩시작.  내천식 가울에 심하지만 그냥라이딩이랑 웨이트트레이닝 할수있어요.  내 베이스트레이닝계획은 매주 두번 웨이트트레이닝하고 시간이있으면 다른날에 긴라이딩해요.  11월에인디에나날씨 괜찮았어서 좋은라이딩 몇번있었어요.
우리 대학교자전거부 같이라이딩 많이안하지만 지난주 나 회장 이랑 너무재미있는라이딩했어요.  우리대학교근쳐 임도같은 도로 많은거있어요, Hoosier 국립숩.  거기안에 Dirt Road(임도같은거)너무많아요.  나회장이랑 거기서 50키로정도 dirt road에서 싸이클탔어요.  그데회장이 티티바이크타고갔어요.  이라이딩 아마도 새계최고 긴 임도 티티바이크로 라이딩이였어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
이번주도 나 혼자 재미있는코스탔어요.  옐로우드 주림숲에서 너무 좋은 산악자전거 길있었다고들었어서 그쪽 으로 갔어요.  3시간반동안 임도 타고 왔어요.  이길너무 아름답고 사람찐자없었어요! 근데 여기 싱글많이없어요.  그래서 한국조금그리워요!  한국에 등산로있으면 자전거탈수있는데 우리대학근쳐 사람이없는 등산로 많지만 산악자전거금지ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ.  나 양지 살때 좋은싱글너무많았어요 여기 임도만탈수있어요. 
이번주 미국 추수감사절이에요 그래서 일주일학교 방학이에요! 나가족만나고 콜로라도에서 놀거에요.  우리 유명한 Steamboat Springs 스키장가서 스키탈거에요.  우리가족일년동안 다같이 못만나서 너무즐거울거같아요!  햎피 땡스기빙!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Iceman Cometh: Last Race of the 2013 Season 아이스맨대회: 2013마지막시합 후기

I competed in my first ever Iceman Cometh over the  past weekend.  Its actually the biggest race in America with over 4000 racers!  Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as I had hoped it would.  My riding was significantly slowed by my asthma which flaired up in a race for the first time in over 4 years since I didn’t have many problems with it in Korea.  Everything surrounding the race was a lot of fun however. 
The race and its proximately to Halloween provided the impetus for a small Purdue Bike house reunion.  In attendance were Greg, Chris, Joey and Alan(from MSU but still a biker).  I got to show Chris, his GF and Greg around Bloomington on Thursday before we headed up to Purdue.  I had a great time at Purdue catching up and seeing people I hadn’t seen in a long time a surprise visit from Doza and Zach. 
After enjoying Purdue Greg, Alan and Jess headed up to Traverse City for the Iceman.  The weather was pretty good for the race and despite starting at the back of the field I had a pretty good start and was briefly in the top 30 riders going onto the trails.  I quickly developed problems breathing however and couldn’t muster much more than a tempo pace.  I ended up just riding most of the race by myself and trying to enjoy the nice course.  It was disappointing but not completely surprising since when I was at Purdue I constantly had problems with asthma especially in the fall.  The Iceman is probably my last race of the season so I’m going to take a week or so off the bike before getting back into base training and weight lifting for the spring collegiate road season. 

나 지난주 미국 최고사람이많은 자전거대회탔어 아이스맨.  4천명참석하는대회에요.  엠티비 마라톤대회에요 코스 50키로.  근데 나 천식문제때문에 잘못탔지만 재미겟탔어요.  나 원래 미국살때 가울에 천식 많이 심해져요 근대 4년 동안 큰문제없었어요.  한국공기 나한테 좀더맞나봐요 ㅋㅋㅋ. 
지난주말에대회말고다른재미잇는거있었어요.  우리 대학친구 몇명 만낫어요  같이살았는친구 3명 그리고 다른 친구 도 많이만났어요.  우리대학에서 도같이놀았고 퍼듀에서 하로윈파티도갔어요.  내친구들 너무 오랜만에 못봤어서 너무재미있어요.  
이제 내시즌끝나요.  일주일동안 쉬고 다음주부터 대학부 싸이클대회 준비시작이에요.  나 웨이트트레이닝 하고 베이스 마일스 많이할거에요.