Monday, April 28, 2008

riding bikes a lot

I did a century Saturday. I wanted it to only be 80 miles but the route we chose ended up basically being one hundered miles on the dot. It was a gorgeous day and we rode some new roads near crawfordsville south of Purdue. Then saturday night i went camping with some friends which was also a blast. We cooked korean food over the fire, made smores and did some night hiking. I love showing people how to have fun in the outdoors!! I should just be a professional camp counselor. Then Sunday I did a nice easy 3 hour ride with Doza ( it was a good time and we chatted about blogging it up. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thrusday I have finals each day from 7-9pm. Can't wait to get finshed with school for the summer!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Every thing is good!!

This has been a pretty good week. Got new shoes and got fitted on them today. They are Lake 230s. They are white and super stiff. they look pretty sweet! It has been great weather for riding too. I did a 3 hour ride yesterday and I keep forgetting to bring my camera. I really promise that someday I will take some photos on my rides. I got an A on my big exercise physiology paper as well which is great!! I wrote about what the best type of recovery drink is for aerobic exercise. Also I am nearly done running trials for my research project!!! On Friday I will be done and then next week I can get started entering the 100+ days of food records I still have left to enter. Next week is finals week and I have 3 tests but I should still be able to get out on some nice rides. On Saturday I am planning on doing a 5-6 hour ride to explore some new roads. Basically everything is going really well and i hope it is for you too!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What a weekend! We're goin to natz baby!

Regionals was great for Purdue and myself. There is a lot to tell but basically Saturday purdue missed the winning break of 4 but Chris and I took 5th and 6th by winning the field sprint. I felt great in that sprint so I knew I had the legs to win the crit on Sunday. The race went really well I took over 30 prime points but I got a flat about 20 minutes into the race. I got a wheel and got back in. The final sprint chris launche the perfect move about 100m before the last corner. Then I went started the sprint right before the corner and we got 1 2!!!! It was amazing. I felt great sprinting and when I realized we had 1,2 I was stoked. We couldn't have asked for a better way to finish the conference season!!! I think I may have earned enough points to jump into 3rd overall as an individualy for the season too. After that we drove home got home at about 12:30 and then I had a class at 7:30 this morning. It was a long but very fun weekend. And we made it to nationals as a team which was a season long goal for everyone on the team.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feelin good with a new bike

I went out and did a nice sprint workout on the new Cervelo Soloist today and it was awesome. The new bike is ridiculously stiff and responsive. It feels like every little bit of power is going straight into the road. I really do feel faster on this bike. I am getting pretty stoked for this weekend too. Purdue is bringing 21 people and we are hoping to move from 5th to 3rd on the overall team rankings. It should be a pretty fun weekend with nice weather and good racing!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Turin traing camp 2

Team training camp 2
We went to Evanston this weekend for our second team training camp. It was pretty fun but pretty boring at some times.
Began with getting Korean food with a friend of mine for dinner at 5pm. Then we started driving to Chicago around 6:30 and got a second dinner at McDonalds. Then we went to Naperville to play Laser Tag and arcade games like air hockey at Cyber Space Laser tag. This was awesome!!! We played as a team and lost the first game to a bunch of 10 year olds. Then we won our next game against a couple of teenagers. After laser tag we played arcade games and ate pizza for 2 hours. It was like every kids dream come true since we had unlimited tokens for the games. Thanks a bunch to Kurt Tromp for having us we had a blast. I think we will definitely be coming back again this year for more laser tag action.
Saturday was a rainy day but it was brightened up when we got to the shop and got our new bikes. Check out the pics! Then we did this computrainer TT which was really hard and lasted like 35 minutes! I didn’t feel very good but it was just for fun. Saturday night we went to dinner at Chiles and I was able to order a beer since I am 21 now!! Pretty exciting stuff. After getting back to the hotel I was pretty much out like a light and got a great nights sleep.
Sunday we went for a cold windy ride around a bunch of really big houses on our new bikes. It was pretty cool to ride the new bikes but I am lucky I live in Lafayette and not Chicago. Riding there isn’t nearly as much fun as riding where I live. Still it was good team bonding and we rode a little around on the northbrook velodrome.
This week is gonna be a pretty good one since it is Grand Prix week here at Purdue which means there are lots of parties to go too. Also I have nearly finished my research project which is pretty exciting. I have a presentation in one class on Thursday and a quiz on Friday then it is off to Regionals in Wisconsin!! Purdue is gonna go to Natz baby!!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Great Weekend!!!!

This was probably the best weekend of the year so far! I raced at Marian in Indianapolis on Saturday and placed 7th with purdue getting 3 in the top 15! We are getting closer and closer to making it to Natz as a team!!! then today was the Purdue Road Race and Team time trial which I was promoting. It started last night with a pizza party at Hot Box pizza which a bunch of the MWCCC teams came too. Hot Box donates 15% of their sales to us from teh people we bring in. Michigan State, U Michigan, Northern Michigan, St Louis U, OSU, Murray State and other teams all came to have dinner with us which was a blast! Then we got up early today and went and started getting everything ready for the TTT. We had to trade off corner marshalling and no one got to warm up for any race but the Purdue men's A team got 3rd in our TTT anyway despite lack of aero equipement. I can't wait until we have aerobars and can really kill it at Regionals! I got to marshall during the men's D and women's B TTTs and got to see some awesome hill running up action. The TTT featured a killer hill with almost a 15% grade that really caught some people off guard. After that and marshalling the RR for 2 hours and answering and making over 50 phone calls about where to get the volunteers and how to deliver our pizza lunch to everyone I raced the RR. Chris and I made the break of 10 guys with all the major teams represented I placed 5tha nd chris got 3rd!!! It was a great day for both of us. unfortunately my legs aren't quite as good as they were back at the beginning of march but 5th is still pretty good. I was super happy too to have so many fans come out. A whole bunch of my foreign friends came out to see there first bike race ever so I should have lots of pics to post that they took. It is always more motivating when you are racing in front of your friends. After the race and getting the park cleaned up I went home showered and did homework. I also got a killer sun burn today. I guess I better start wearin sunscreen again.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

gettin ready

whoa this has been a pretty busy week so far. I am super excited for the race I am putting on this weekend though. The weather looks great and we basically have everything in place for teh weekend. I think the Purdue team definitely has some more big wins coming this weekend too in all categories. Today I rode teh course with a bunch of my helpful team mates to deliver letters to residents on the course and paint arrows on the road we also did some TTT practice. I have a big paper due tomorrow that I just finished and I have a big test Friday. I will feel really relieved once the race on Sunday is all over but I am still excited by it. Everyone had better make plans to come out and cheer or race this weekend here in Indiana!