Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Incheon Songdo Circuit Race Report 인천 송도 크라이테리엄 대회 후기

Last Sunday I participated in a circuit race held in Songdo, Incheon about an hour west of Seoul.  Songdo is a brand new city that has been built on reclaimed land.  It hasn’t been fully developed yet so it has lots of nice flat big roads with no cars on them making it a great place to hold races.  The race consisted of 3 laps of a 7 mile circuit and the wind was blowing extremely hard. It was probably one of the top 3 windiest races I’ve ever done in my life.  The pack for my age group was pretty small and after accelerating out of a few corners we ended up dropping everyone but myself, my teammate SeungYong and Sae Hwan from the Watts team. 

SaeHwan is a super strong mountain biker but has very little experience on the road so lucky for me and SeungYong he just took pulls with us until the finish and we sprinted it out with SeungYong and I getting 1-2.  My legs were feeling better than at other races this year but I’m still pretty much missing my strong kick I used to have.  I definitely need to put in some time in the weight room this year.  

It was a great day for my team overall too with Oh Jin and Say Jeong getting first in their category races too.  This weekend is my last race of the season. It’s a criterium at the BMW car test track and it’s the first time that Korean pros and amateurs are racing together.  The course looks fun and the prize money is pretty decent too so it should make for a fun race. 

지난주 일요일 인천 송도에서 크라이테리엄 대회 탔어요송도는 자전거 대회는 아주 좋은장소입니다차도 많이 없고 도로 많고이번 대회는 11KM 코스 3바귀이였어요 그리고 바람 너무 쎄게 불어고있었어요완잔 장난이나얐어요 ㅋㅋ우리 시니어 남자 부중에 사람들 많이 없어서 시작 하고 1바귀 타고 3 박에 없어졌어요, 승용이랑 와츠팀 세환 이랑 만남았어요.

우리 3 끝까지 같이 탔고 라스트 치고 승용1 2 하고했어요 탔지만 아직 원래 잘하는 snap 없어서 이번 겨울 열심히 웨이트 트레이닝 해야겠다.
우리 팀들이 아주 잘탔어요이어진 친구 로드 1등하고 그리고 세정 MTB 베테랑 일등했어요

다음주는 올해 마지막 시합닙니다영증도 BMW Test Track에서 크라이테리엄해요이번에는 한국 국네 프로 선수들이랑 같이 하는거에요아주 재미있을거같아요.  시합 끝나고 시즌 오프 인데 등산 스키 많이 탈거에요 .

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wangbangsan Mountain Bike Race Report 왕방산 산악자전거 대회 후기

Last week I raced at the Wangbangsan mountain bike race held north of Seoul.  It’s one of the biggest mountain bike races of the year in Korea and its held on a pretty punishing course for the intermediate/expert riders.  The race starts off with a nasty single track climb that is so stair steps up for several miles and includes several hike a bike sections.  Needless to say it’s not really my kind of course but it’s still a fun race just to ride for fun.  My team had 4 of us racing but this was my first mountain bike race since coming back so I knew I would see a lot of people who I haven’t met in over a year.
The race started off just like I expected with me starting the climb well then blowing up and losing a ton of spots.  I pretty much just kept a steady pace for the race and enjoyed the course.  It was a really nice day for a race and the leaves are just starting to change so it was a great day just to be outside.  The rest of my teammates also just rode in to enjoy the day with the exception so SeungYong who got 2nd place in his age group.  SeungYong lives by me and works for our team’s sponsor San Bada Sports which imports Cannondale bikes into Korea.  It’s nice to have someone living close by to carpool to the races with. 
My fall racing season is just getting started now and there are a few races left where I should be able to do pretty well.  There is a criterium in Incheon in two weeks and a mountain bike race with small rolling hills in 3 weeks.  After that there are two more races in the far south of Korea but I’m still trying to decide if it would be worth it to make the 5 hour drive. 
Look below for some race pics.  

지난주 일요일 동두천에있는 왕방산 산악자전거 대회 다녀왔어요왕방산이 한국에서 큰경기이에요 근데 코스 너무 힘들었어서 스타일 아니에요 ㅋㅋㅋ그냥 재미겠타로갔어요코스 시작 부터 엄청 싱글트렉 언덕있어요 30분동안 계속오르막 이거 걸어가야하는부분도 많아요근데 다운힐 이랑 남은 부분 재미있어서 왕방산 좋아요이번대회 우리 4 왔어요 그리고 오래동안 한국에서 산악자전거 대회 못나갔어서 오랜만은 친구들 많이 만났어요.
대회시작할때 5분동안 잘타고있었고 언덕 너무심했어서 끝까지 빨리 못탔어요근데 그냥 재미겠타고갔어요그날 날씨 너무 좋아했고 당품 볼수있었어요우리 팀들 그냥탔지만 내친구 승용이 너무 잘타고 2등했어요승용 우리 집이랑 까가워서 대회 같이 갔어요
이제 가울 시즌 시작 좀했어요 남은 경기 몇개있어요다다음주 인천송도에서 크라이테리업하고 119 김포 쌀대회 나갈거에요또는 전라남도에서 대회몇개있지만 너무 멀었어서 아직생각중이에요.  

아래보시면 사진 2개있어요

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to Racing in Korea 다시 한번 한국에서 대회 시작!

I’m back in Korea again and I have hooked back up with Cannondale Racing as well.  I’ve been back for a little under a month now and have been figuring out where to ride in my new neighborhood in Seoul.  Lucky for me there are some pretty good mountain bike trails about a 15-20 minute ride from my house plus a bike path along the Han river and a few climbs that don’t have many cars on them.
I decided to get back into the swing or racing despite not being in great shape with a circuit race and TTT this past Sunday.    The races we held at the Korea International Circuit F1 track about 4 hours south of Seoul.  I raced and won here 2 years ago so I was looking forward to going back.  In the morning I did a 30km circuit race.  The race started off pretty slow and my teammate Hwangeol had said he had wanted to try to make a breakaway.  He attacked several times before finally getting off with another rider.  They stayed away until about 2km to go and then the pack ramped up for a field sprint.  Normally this would be a perfect situation for me but my legs just  weren’t feeling that good and I didn’t have much snap for the sprint.  I finished 4th in my age group but my teammates SeungYong and Hwangeol finished 1st and 3rd.  Hwangeol managed to pull out a pretty good sprint despite having been in the break away. 
After the morning races we had lunch and got ready for our TTT.  Which was supposed to be 40km on mountain bikes with a 6 rider team but got shortened to 30km (thankfully).  It was pretty hot at the start but I was confident my team could put in a good ride.  We started off blazing fast but after the first 2 laps or so we realized we were in the lead so we should take it a bit easier and focus on consolidating our advantage.  We started 4th and ended up catching all of the teams in front of us which also included the 2nd and 3rdplace team.  In the end we all finished pretty close giving us a winning margin of about 40 seconds. 
It felt good to get a win with the team and it motivated me to get back in better shape for the rest of the season.  Although it looks like that will probably be just 2 or 3 more mountain bike races.  
There is a pic of my team on the podium below.

 두디어 한국다시 왔어요그리고 다시 케논데일레이싱팀이랑 타고있어요.  이제 한달정도 지났어요.  우리 새집 근쳐 자전거탈대 몇개 찾았어요  우면산에 좋은싱글코스있고 남산  한강도 까가워서 다행이에요
 몇달동안 대회 안탔지만 지난주일요일 다시 시작했어요.  한국 F1경기장에서 티티티  크라이테리엄대회탔어요.   2년전에이대회이겼어서 좋은 추억있었어요.  아침에 30키로 개인대회있었어요.   환걸형 이랑 승용이랑 같은 종목탔어요.  환걸형이 브레이크어웨이 하고싶어서 몇번해보고 광산 레이싱 사람 이랑갔어요우리  30초정도 앞에있었어요 근데 마지막 바귀에 잡았어요.   라스트잘 치고싶었지만 달리  힘이 없었어요  4등했어요.  근데 승용 1 그리고 환걸형 3등했어요우리  아직 많이잘타요^^ 그래서 티티티 기대했어요.
우리 이번 티티티 특별한 하얀색 스킨수트 입고 나갔어요.  날씨 너무 더웠지만 시작 부터 우리팀 열심히 탔어요우리  4 으로시작했지만 앞에있는 3 다잡았어요.   너무 힘들었지만 우리  끝까지 같이 탔어요.  근데 우리 너무 잘탔어서 1등했어요!  일등 하고 우리 맛있는 꽃개 먹으로 갔어요.  다음대회  기대하고있어요 근대 이번 시즌 산악자전거 대회 몇개  나가고 끝날거에요.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lindenwood Race Report 대학부 두번째 대회

Last weekend was the second weekend of racing in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (MWCCC).  The races were held at Lindenwood University outside of St. Louis.  Saturdays road race had awesome weather but a super tough course.  There were 2 big climbs each lap and the race was 84 miles.  I didn't race the TTT in the morning so it was my job to go for the early breaks so that the guys who did race it could save their legs for later.  A break of 2 went right from the gun and following that there were lots of other attacks. None that I went with gained much ground and at the races halfway point I missed the big break of the race.  I was still feeling pretty good but on the last lap I blew up and got dropped on one of the climbs.  I rode in for 29th by myself.  It wasn't a great race for our team but we did ok taking 14th and 15th place. 
The next day was a flat 3 corner criterium which was much more suited to me the weather however had made a big change.  It was 30F and super windy for our race which made it miserable to get ready for the race.  Once we got going though it was alright.  The wind made it difficult for any breaks to go so I decided to just sit in and wait for the sprint.  There was a sharp corner (120 degrees) with about 350m left in the race and I knew that positioning for the corner would be super important.  I was in the middle of the pack and made a move up the inside to hit the corner in 4th place.  Unfortunately I didn't have great legs but I still held on for 7th place.  The rest of my team had more trouble positioning for the sprint but my 7th still earned us some good points to help us qualify for nationals.  Our team is currently sitting in 3rd place in the conference which should allow us to qualify for nationals and field a decent size team.  We won't find out for sure though until the end of April as there are still several more collegiate races to go.

지난주말에 나 우리 대학교자전거동호회랑 세인트루이스 갔어요.  이번에 린딘우드대학교에서 시합두개있었어요.  토요일에긴대인 도로 대회있었어요.  코스 너무 어려웠어요2키로 자리 언덕 두개있었고 4바귀 다야했어 대회 는 140키로 이얐어요.  아침에 도 티티티 있었지만 나 안탔어요 그래서 나 일직 가는브레이크어웨이랑 가기로했어요.  나 몇번해봤지만 잘못했어요.  2번째 바귀에 10명 나갔지만 나안잡았어요.  그리고 우리 팀 대부분 힘들었어서 나 간사람없었어요.  마지막 바귀에 나 너무 힘들었어 그냥 피니쉬 혼자왔어요 29등하고 .  우리 팀 제일 잘타는 사람들 14등이랑 15등했어요. 
하지마 일요일에 내 좋아하는 편지 크라이테리업대횠었어요! 근대 날씨 진짜 안좋았어요!  시작때 -2도 그리고 40k/h 바람있었어요.  바람 너무새서 브레이크어웨이 못갔어요.  이코스 마지막 코너는 피니쉬에서 350미터있어서 라스트잘하고싶었으면 그코너 앞에서 나와야했어요.  마지막 바귀에나 그코너에서 4등나왔지만 다리 아직 힘이많이 없어서 7등했어요.  이제 우리 팀 시즌 단체전 에 3등이에요 이렇게 타면 우리 전국대학부대회 나갈수있을거같아요.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

First Race of the Season 올해첮대회!

Last weekend was the first race of my final collegiate road season ever (and also first collegiate road season in 5 years).  It was great to get back out there and mix it up with the IU cycling club Men’s A team.  This season should be a totally new experience for me since all of the courses on tap this year are ones that I never raced when I was an undergraduate.  This past weekend we were at Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky.  I’ve been there many times for mountain bike and cyclocross races in the past but this was my first time to do road there.  The courses were pretty awesome both days and we had great weather too.
Saturday’s road race was held on a brutal 25 mile course that had several long and steep hills on it.  I knew it would be a challenge for me to stay fresh til the end and I was anxious to see how our team of 9 A riders would perform.  Everyone rode well with us getting two riders in the winning break away.  I didn’t ride as well as I hoped for but didn’t race terribly.  I realized that the winning break had formed and attempted to bridge up to it during the first lap.  I got with in 10 meters of joining but my lungs weren’t working and I blew up and had to float back to the field only for the break to gain 8 minutes on us!  I sat in the pack and recovered and started feeling good during the start of the third lap.  Unfortunately I bonked with about 10 miles to go and road in alone for 25th place.  I definitely need to get in a few more long rides to build up my endurance before the next race weekend.
The criterium on Sunday was much more up my alley and I was hoping for a top ten finish.  The race was pretty fast and full of attacks but I felt from pretty early on that the race would come down to a field sprint.  It didn’t seem that any team was satisfied with any break away combination so everything got chased down after a lap or two.  I sat in an moved up to the front with 3 laps to go.  Unfortunately I was underconfident in myself and waited to start sprinting so I got a bit boxed in at the finish.  I still finished 8th place though which I was happy with. 
The IU team performed well too with us placing 3 riders in the top 20 each day and getting 7th in the TTT.  Our women’s A riders rode great too with a 3rd place in the TTT and a top ten finish on Saturday.  It looks like we will have a strong chance of qualifying for nationals as a team this year.  The next race is in 3 weeks at Lindenwood University near St. Louis.  I’m hoping to have a stronger road race there and another shot at a field sprint in the crit. 
지난주말에 내 대학교 로드 시즌 시작했어요!  우리 인디에나대학교 자전거동호회들이랑 켄터키 주로갔어요.  나 오래 동안 대학교 로드 대회 못탔어서 신났어요.  이 대회장소 산악이랑 싸이크로크로스 대회 많이해봤지만 이번에 처음로드대회타로왔어요. 
토요일대회는 로드레이스 이얐어요.  코스가 40키로 3주회 그리고 큰언덕 많았어요.  우리 팀좀 잘탔지만 나 좀더 잘타고싶었어요.  첫 바귀에 브레이크웨이 나갔지만 나 천식대문에 못붗었어요.  하지만 우리 팀 2명있었어서 괜찮았어요.  3번째 바귀 시작할때 나 잘타고있었어요.  근데 음식 많이 안먹었어서 15키로 남았을때 나 Bonk 했어요! 그냥 피니쉬까지 혼자 25등했어요 ( 60). 
일요일에 크라이테리엄대회 더 잘타고싶었어요.  코스 가 찐자재미있었어요 언덕한나있었고 재미있는 커브있었어요.  시작부터 어택 해본사람들 많이있었지만 다 잘못갔어요.  나 그냥팩뒤에 좀쉬고탔어요.  마지막 3바귀부터 앞으로 나갔어요.  나 마지막 300미터에서 앞에있었지만  8등했어요.  이번에 첫시합이야서 나 기븐좋았어요.  다음대회 까지 나 열심히 준비할거에요. 
우리 팀도 잘탔어요  매일 20등안에 3명있었어요!  대학교대회는 MCT 랑비슷해요 포인즈 시리즈 그리고 잘타면 전국 대학부 대회 탈수있어요.  이번에 4월말까지 대회있고 5월 첫분째 주 Richmond, Virginia 에서 전국시합있을거에요.  이번 에 우리팀에 잘탈수있는사람들좀많아서 타같이 전국대회 로 갈수있을거같아요! 다음대회 는 3주후에 St. Louis에있을거에요.
Me tail-gunning it at the crit.  나 크라이테리엄대회에서 팩뒤에타는중. 
Thanks to Jen for the pic!