Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wangbangsan Mountain Bike Race Report 왕방산 산악자전거 대회 후기

Last week I raced at the Wangbangsan mountain bike race held north of Seoul.  It’s one of the biggest mountain bike races of the year in Korea and its held on a pretty punishing course for the intermediate/expert riders.  The race starts off with a nasty single track climb that is so stair steps up for several miles and includes several hike a bike sections.  Needless to say it’s not really my kind of course but it’s still a fun race just to ride for fun.  My team had 4 of us racing but this was my first mountain bike race since coming back so I knew I would see a lot of people who I haven’t met in over a year.
The race started off just like I expected with me starting the climb well then blowing up and losing a ton of spots.  I pretty much just kept a steady pace for the race and enjoyed the course.  It was a really nice day for a race and the leaves are just starting to change so it was a great day just to be outside.  The rest of my teammates also just rode in to enjoy the day with the exception so SeungYong who got 2nd place in his age group.  SeungYong lives by me and works for our team’s sponsor San Bada Sports which imports Cannondale bikes into Korea.  It’s nice to have someone living close by to carpool to the races with. 
My fall racing season is just getting started now and there are a few races left where I should be able to do pretty well.  There is a criterium in Incheon in two weeks and a mountain bike race with small rolling hills in 3 weeks.  After that there are two more races in the far south of Korea but I’m still trying to decide if it would be worth it to make the 5 hour drive. 
Look below for some race pics.  

지난주 일요일 동두천에있는 왕방산 산악자전거 대회 다녀왔어요왕방산이 한국에서 큰경기이에요 근데 코스 너무 힘들었어서 스타일 아니에요 ㅋㅋㅋ그냥 재미겠타로갔어요코스 시작 부터 엄청 싱글트렉 언덕있어요 30분동안 계속오르막 이거 걸어가야하는부분도 많아요근데 다운힐 이랑 남은 부분 재미있어서 왕방산 좋아요이번대회 우리 4 왔어요 그리고 오래동안 한국에서 산악자전거 대회 못나갔어서 오랜만은 친구들 많이 만났어요.
대회시작할때 5분동안 잘타고있었고 언덕 너무심했어서 끝까지 빨리 못탔어요근데 그냥 재미겠타고갔어요그날 날씨 너무 좋아했고 당품 볼수있었어요우리 팀들 그냥탔지만 내친구 승용이 너무 잘타고 2등했어요승용 우리 집이랑 까가워서 대회 같이 갔어요
이제 가울 시즌 시작 좀했어요 남은 경기 몇개있어요다다음주 인천송도에서 크라이테리업하고 119 김포 쌀대회 나갈거에요또는 전라남도에서 대회몇개있지만 너무 멀었어서 아직생각중이에요.  

아래보시면 사진 2개있어요

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