Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to Racing in Korea 다시 한번 한국에서 대회 시작!

I’m back in Korea again and I have hooked back up with Cannondale Racing as well.  I’ve been back for a little under a month now and have been figuring out where to ride in my new neighborhood in Seoul.  Lucky for me there are some pretty good mountain bike trails about a 15-20 minute ride from my house plus a bike path along the Han river and a few climbs that don’t have many cars on them.
I decided to get back into the swing or racing despite not being in great shape with a circuit race and TTT this past Sunday.    The races we held at the Korea International Circuit F1 track about 4 hours south of Seoul.  I raced and won here 2 years ago so I was looking forward to going back.  In the morning I did a 30km circuit race.  The race started off pretty slow and my teammate Hwangeol had said he had wanted to try to make a breakaway.  He attacked several times before finally getting off with another rider.  They stayed away until about 2km to go and then the pack ramped up for a field sprint.  Normally this would be a perfect situation for me but my legs just  weren’t feeling that good and I didn’t have much snap for the sprint.  I finished 4th in my age group but my teammates SeungYong and Hwangeol finished 1st and 3rd.  Hwangeol managed to pull out a pretty good sprint despite having been in the break away. 
After the morning races we had lunch and got ready for our TTT.  Which was supposed to be 40km on mountain bikes with a 6 rider team but got shortened to 30km (thankfully).  It was pretty hot at the start but I was confident my team could put in a good ride.  We started off blazing fast but after the first 2 laps or so we realized we were in the lead so we should take it a bit easier and focus on consolidating our advantage.  We started 4th and ended up catching all of the teams in front of us which also included the 2nd and 3rdplace team.  In the end we all finished pretty close giving us a winning margin of about 40 seconds. 
It felt good to get a win with the team and it motivated me to get back in better shape for the rest of the season.  Although it looks like that will probably be just 2 or 3 more mountain bike races.  
There is a pic of my team on the podium below.

 두디어 한국다시 왔어요그리고 다시 케논데일레이싱팀이랑 타고있어요.  이제 한달정도 지났어요.  우리 새집 근쳐 자전거탈대 몇개 찾았어요  우면산에 좋은싱글코스있고 남산  한강도 까가워서 다행이에요
 몇달동안 대회 안탔지만 지난주일요일 다시 시작했어요.  한국 F1경기장에서 티티티  크라이테리엄대회탔어요.   2년전에이대회이겼어서 좋은 추억있었어요.  아침에 30키로 개인대회있었어요.   환걸형 이랑 승용이랑 같은 종목탔어요.  환걸형이 브레이크어웨이 하고싶어서 몇번해보고 광산 레이싱 사람 이랑갔어요우리  30초정도 앞에있었어요 근데 마지막 바귀에 잡았어요.   라스트잘 치고싶었지만 달리  힘이 없었어요  4등했어요.  근데 승용 1 그리고 환걸형 3등했어요우리  아직 많이잘타요^^ 그래서 티티티 기대했어요.
우리 이번 티티티 특별한 하얀색 스킨수트 입고 나갔어요.  날씨 너무 더웠지만 시작 부터 우리팀 열심히 탔어요우리  4 으로시작했지만 앞에있는 3 다잡았어요.   너무 힘들었지만 우리  끝까지 같이 탔어요.  근데 우리 너무 잘탔어서 1등했어요!  일등 하고 우리 맛있는 꽃개 먹으로 갔어요.  다음대회  기대하고있어요 근대 이번 시즌 산악자전거 대회 몇개  나가고 끝날거에요.  


Andy said...

Good work! Why the white-no-sponsor shirts?

Derek Laan said...

They actually say Cannondale in grey letters but its hard to read. Apparently they got the skin suits last year for the TDK TTT but weren't allowed to wear them so we finally got the chance to at this TTT.