Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mud Festival!

Last weekend I attended the Boryeong Mud festival with 12 of my friends. It was a blast and we all had a really great time. The mudfestival is the most popular festival in Korea. Its hosted on a huge (5km long) beach and they bring mud in on trucks from a huge mud flat and set up all sorts of fun mud activities. There is mud painting, a mud waterslide, mud wrestling, obstacle courses and more! I had a really great time last year so I was really looking forward to it. We rented a huge condo near the beach and spent saturday afternoon playing in the mud and swimming. Saturday evening we had a bbq at our condo and then went to the huge outdoor concert. Unfortunately it was raining on Sunday so after eating breakfast we just went back home. All in all it was a great weekend. This week I am sort of on vacation(but im supposed to go to school even though there is no class). So I'm planning on knocking out some MBA application essays and trying to nail down the schools I want to apply too. Also by the end of the week my knee should be better and I will attempt to start riding again!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4 wheeling!

sorry for the lack of posting! The last 2 weeks have been pretty busy despite the fact that I can't ride! Last weekend I had a school trip. We went to the east sea and ate raw fish next to the ocean with all of the teachers from my school. The next day we went to Seo Rak san (which is the most famous national park in Korea) and did a short hike. It was a lot of fun and full of singing. We even had a karaoke system on our tour bus and I got to sing in front of all of my co workers in Korean while going 70mph down the highway! This past weekend I went with Yujin to An Myeon Do which is a popular island on the west coast of Korea. It had a lot of awesome scenery with great beaches and huge pine tree forests. The first day there we rode ATVs along the ocean and through the forest. It was my first time to do it and it was a lot of fun! We spent Sunday swimming in the ocean which was really fun. This is the last week of school before summer vacation so the students are really excited and hard to keep under control. I have a 2 week break before my 1 week English camp and then I will have another week and a half of vacation before school starts again at the end of August. My knee seems to be getting better. I had acupuncture at the Korean traditional medicine doctor yesterday and that is making it feel a lot better today. Im gonna try riding again next weekend I think and probably go get more acupuncture next Monday (it only costs 7 dollars)!!! The fall racing season is coming together a little bit too. There is going to be a big money criterium in Changwon(the far south part of Korea) in October. Its also time for me to start writing my MBA applications! They are due around the end of October!

Monday, July 4, 2011

injured knee update

well i took a 2 week rest and tried to bike again with my position reevaluated but my knee still hurt. So i went to a doctor about it with my good friend Ik Son who also bikes. He had a similar problem and the doctor helped him. The doctor said i need one month off with no biking or hiking or any intense exericse to try to let it heal. Its basically tendonitis so i guess the doctor might be right. At least the essay questions for mba programs are starting to come out so I can get a head start on that while im not biking or hiking!! Also there is a new community center with a gym in my town. I think I will go lift weights there (just upper body and core) to try to get some more exercise. Anyway I can basically do anything i want except sports. There is supposed to be another team time trial in August so hopefully im good to go by then.