Monday, July 4, 2011

injured knee update

well i took a 2 week rest and tried to bike again with my position reevaluated but my knee still hurt. So i went to a doctor about it with my good friend Ik Son who also bikes. He had a similar problem and the doctor helped him. The doctor said i need one month off with no biking or hiking or any intense exericse to try to let it heal. Its basically tendonitis so i guess the doctor might be right. At least the essay questions for mba programs are starting to come out so I can get a head start on that while im not biking or hiking!! Also there is a new community center with a gym in my town. I think I will go lift weights there (just upper body and core) to try to get some more exercise. Anyway I can basically do anything i want except sports. There is supposed to be another team time trial in August so hopefully im good to go by then.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

Your Dad told me that you are thinking about Business school. My suggestion is that you also consider some West Coast schools. Your Asian experience and interest ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO THESE SCHOOLS! I would suggest that you consider UCLA and CAL-Berkley. Omma could help you with UCLA.
Also consider Stanford. Stanford would find your riding VERY important! They love smart athletes! I had a friend who was kicked out of the Air Force Acadamy(not uncommon) who was readily admitted to Stanford because he was a good wrestler. The cost of tuition would more than be made-up by your higher starting salary. Your dad's cousin, Julie and her husband Steffano went there.

I used to go out with a girl who went to Notre Dame, both as an Undergraduate and B-school. She called it South Bland! She hated it so much that she spent one full year in London as an exchange student.

What ever you choose, will be a good choice, but think WEST COAST!

Uncle Willem