Monday, June 20, 2011

injured knee

I've had a problem knagging at me all season long and seeing as there might not be any races until August I decided now was the time to address it. A tendon on the back of my right knee has been bothering me basically every time I ride and desite my attempts to fix it it basically never went away. I was still able to race pretty in spite of it but I kept hoping it would go a away with a week or rest and maybe some tweeks to my seat position. Unfortunately it didn't so I decided to take advantage of my teams new computer based fitting system to reassess my seat position on my road bike. It turns out that basically where I had my seat at the very beginning of the season was correct. So I have no idea what caused the tendon pain in the first place but I'm giving my self 2 weeks of total rest (no hiking even) with lots of stretching to try to let it heal before trying to ease back into some easy rides. Hopefully I can get this problem figured out. It took me 10 years of bike racing before I had a bike fit issue that actually caused me a real injury or problem so I guess I am paying for 10 years of being lucky now! Its not like I can't ride but I don't want to have pain or the risk of injury when I'm riding. The 2 weeks will be up next Monday so I will post about how the ride goes. Up for this weekend is a trip to Ocean World (the biggest water park in Korea) with my bike team.

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