Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lindenwood Race Report 대학부 두번째 대회

Last weekend was the second weekend of racing in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (MWCCC).  The races were held at Lindenwood University outside of St. Louis.  Saturdays road race had awesome weather but a super tough course.  There were 2 big climbs each lap and the race was 84 miles.  I didn't race the TTT in the morning so it was my job to go for the early breaks so that the guys who did race it could save their legs for later.  A break of 2 went right from the gun and following that there were lots of other attacks. None that I went with gained much ground and at the races halfway point I missed the big break of the race.  I was still feeling pretty good but on the last lap I blew up and got dropped on one of the climbs.  I rode in for 29th by myself.  It wasn't a great race for our team but we did ok taking 14th and 15th place. 
The next day was a flat 3 corner criterium which was much more suited to me the weather however had made a big change.  It was 30F and super windy for our race which made it miserable to get ready for the race.  Once we got going though it was alright.  The wind made it difficult for any breaks to go so I decided to just sit in and wait for the sprint.  There was a sharp corner (120 degrees) with about 350m left in the race and I knew that positioning for the corner would be super important.  I was in the middle of the pack and made a move up the inside to hit the corner in 4th place.  Unfortunately I didn't have great legs but I still held on for 7th place.  The rest of my team had more trouble positioning for the sprint but my 7th still earned us some good points to help us qualify for nationals.  Our team is currently sitting in 3rd place in the conference which should allow us to qualify for nationals and field a decent size team.  We won't find out for sure though until the end of April as there are still several more collegiate races to go.

지난주말에 나 우리 대학교자전거동호회랑 세인트루이스 갔어요.  이번에 린딘우드대학교에서 시합두개있었어요.  토요일에긴대인 도로 대회있었어요.  코스 너무 어려웠어요2키로 자리 언덕 두개있었고 4바귀 다야했어 대회 는 140키로 이얐어요.  아침에 도 티티티 있었지만 나 안탔어요 그래서 나 일직 가는브레이크어웨이랑 가기로했어요.  나 몇번해봤지만 잘못했어요.  2번째 바귀에 10명 나갔지만 나안잡았어요.  그리고 우리 팀 대부분 힘들었어서 나 간사람없었어요.  마지막 바귀에 나 너무 힘들었어 그냥 피니쉬 혼자왔어요 29등하고 .  우리 팀 제일 잘타는 사람들 14등이랑 15등했어요. 
하지마 일요일에 내 좋아하는 편지 크라이테리업대횠었어요! 근대 날씨 진짜 안좋았어요!  시작때 -2도 그리고 40k/h 바람있었어요.  바람 너무새서 브레이크어웨이 못갔어요.  이코스 마지막 코너는 피니쉬에서 350미터있어서 라스트잘하고싶었으면 그코너 앞에서 나와야했어요.  마지막 바귀에나 그코너에서 4등나왔지만 다리 아직 힘이많이 없어서 7등했어요.  이제 우리 팀 시즌 단체전 에 3등이에요 이렇게 타면 우리 전국대학부대회 나갈수있을거같아요.