Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gapyoung Race Report: Can't win em all 가평 MCT 후가 : 어차피 모두 승리하지 못한다 ㅎㅎ

Last weekend was the second race of the MCT series.  This time the race was held in Gapyoung about 1 hour north east of Seoul on course with one medium size hill and lots of rolling, curvy hills along the North Han River.  Our team was well represented with 9 riders and we were hoping to improve our team placing from the previous race.  We need to be ranked in the top 20 teams at the end of the season to race the Tour de Korea and stay in the top league next season.
It was set to be 5 laps of the course for a total of about 50 miles.  The race started off fine despite the cold weather (about 35F) but after about 1 minute it started raining which would turn the race into a miserable day for most of the pack.  I felt pretty good the first time up the climb but the rain made riding in the pack difficult because of the constant curves on the course there was no place to rest.  That combined with bad air quality that day made my asthma start acting up which hasnt happened in a while.  So after one lap I pretty much figured out my race was over and had to pull the plug unfortunately.  In these races you need to be within 10% of the leaders time or they pull you so there isnt much point in trying to finish if you get dropped early on.  It was pretty disappointing but sometimes its impossible to avoid a bad day.  Luckily our team finished well with 3 riders in the top 50 which bumped our overall team rank up to 6th for the series. 
The next race in the series is my personal favorite for the year being the only totally flat race in the series in Naju about 4 hours south of Seoul.  My plan is to keep weight lifting and doing long rides each weekend to prepare.  Before that though I have the Spyder Bukak hill climb on April 9th to gauge my fitness.  I also just received my new mountain bike from Elfama.  Its a Fantasia G 27.5 inch carbon hard tail.  Im looking forward to ripping around the trails and trying out the new wheel size.  Our team also received new sunglasses and helmets from Uvex.  They all look great and the helmet fits my head perfectly. (  (

지난주 가평 MCT 다녀 왔습니다이번 시합 개인 족 하고 싶은 결과 가 안 나왔지만 팀 결과가 잘 나왔고 다음 시합 잘 타고 싶은 연기 가 받았어요 ㅎㅎ
가평 코스가 언덕 도 있고 북한강 옆에 탈라 가는 도로 타니까 curvy 재미있는 코스 입니다하지만 이번 시합 비와서 많이 힘들어 졌어요날씨 도 추웠고 공기 도 안 좋아서 난 오랜 만에 시합 때 천식이 심했어요 ㅜㅜ lap 선두 그룹 잘 달라 갔지만 이미 시합 결과 알고 있어서 그냥 2lap 타고 내렸어요 ㅜㅜ난 자전거 인생 시작 할 때부터 일년 한두 번식 이런 날 있었어요가금 어줄 수 없이 못 타요하지만 우리 팀 어진, 근혁, 명철이 타 완주 하고 우리 팀 랭킹 이제 6등으로 올랐어요다음에 나도 도와 주고 싶어요 ㅎㅎ
다음 시합은 내가 작년 1등 했던 나주 대회입니다코스 조금 바궜 지만 이번 에도 일등 목표로 나가려고 해요그래서 열심히 웨이트 하고 주말에 장거리 라이딩 할겁니다
올해 우리 팀 스폰서 바궈서 나도 MTB 바궜어요어제 신 ELFAMA FANTASIA G 받았습니다.  27.5인치 바귀 기대하고 일주 일에 한번 정 도 산 에서 타는 목표입니다주로 우면산 이나 율동공워에서 타요시합 도 올해 다시 나가볼게요
팀 헬멧 와 고글 도 새로 받았습니다올해 우벡스 로 쓸 거에요오랜 만에 내 머리 랑 맞는 헬멧 쓰니까 기분 좋습니다.ㅎㅎ  ( (