Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Incheon Songdo Circuit Race Report 인천 송도 크라이테리엄 대회 후기

Last Sunday I participated in a circuit race held in Songdo, Incheon about an hour west of Seoul.  Songdo is a brand new city that has been built on reclaimed land.  It hasn’t been fully developed yet so it has lots of nice flat big roads with no cars on them making it a great place to hold races.  The race consisted of 3 laps of a 7 mile circuit and the wind was blowing extremely hard. It was probably one of the top 3 windiest races I’ve ever done in my life.  The pack for my age group was pretty small and after accelerating out of a few corners we ended up dropping everyone but myself, my teammate SeungYong and Sae Hwan from the Watts team. 

SaeHwan is a super strong mountain biker but has very little experience on the road so lucky for me and SeungYong he just took pulls with us until the finish and we sprinted it out with SeungYong and I getting 1-2.  My legs were feeling better than at other races this year but I’m still pretty much missing my strong kick I used to have.  I definitely need to put in some time in the weight room this year.  

It was a great day for my team overall too with Oh Jin and Say Jeong getting first in their category races too.  This weekend is my last race of the season. It’s a criterium at the BMW car test track and it’s the first time that Korean pros and amateurs are racing together.  The course looks fun and the prize money is pretty decent too so it should make for a fun race. 

지난주 일요일 인천 송도에서 크라이테리엄 대회 탔어요송도는 자전거 대회는 아주 좋은장소입니다차도 많이 없고 도로 많고이번 대회는 11KM 코스 3바귀이였어요 그리고 바람 너무 쎄게 불어고있었어요완잔 장난이나얐어요 ㅋㅋ우리 시니어 남자 부중에 사람들 많이 없어서 시작 하고 1바귀 타고 3 박에 없어졌어요, 승용이랑 와츠팀 세환 이랑 만남았어요.

우리 3 끝까지 같이 탔고 라스트 치고 승용1 2 하고했어요 탔지만 아직 원래 잘하는 snap 없어서 이번 겨울 열심히 웨이트 트레이닝 해야겠다.
우리 팀들이 아주 잘탔어요이어진 친구 로드 1등하고 그리고 세정 MTB 베테랑 일등했어요

다음주는 올해 마지막 시합닙니다영증도 BMW Test Track에서 크라이테리엄해요이번에는 한국 국네 프로 선수들이랑 같이 하는거에요아주 재미있을거같아요.  시합 끝나고 시즌 오프 인데 등산 스키 많이 탈거에요 .