Sunday, April 13, 2008

Turin traing camp 2

Team training camp 2
We went to Evanston this weekend for our second team training camp. It was pretty fun but pretty boring at some times.
Began with getting Korean food with a friend of mine for dinner at 5pm. Then we started driving to Chicago around 6:30 and got a second dinner at McDonalds. Then we went to Naperville to play Laser Tag and arcade games like air hockey at Cyber Space Laser tag. This was awesome!!! We played as a team and lost the first game to a bunch of 10 year olds. Then we won our next game against a couple of teenagers. After laser tag we played arcade games and ate pizza for 2 hours. It was like every kids dream come true since we had unlimited tokens for the games. Thanks a bunch to Kurt Tromp for having us we had a blast. I think we will definitely be coming back again this year for more laser tag action.
Saturday was a rainy day but it was brightened up when we got to the shop and got our new bikes. Check out the pics! Then we did this computrainer TT which was really hard and lasted like 35 minutes! I didn’t feel very good but it was just for fun. Saturday night we went to dinner at Chiles and I was able to order a beer since I am 21 now!! Pretty exciting stuff. After getting back to the hotel I was pretty much out like a light and got a great nights sleep.
Sunday we went for a cold windy ride around a bunch of really big houses on our new bikes. It was pretty cool to ride the new bikes but I am lucky I live in Lafayette and not Chicago. Riding there isn’t nearly as much fun as riding where I live. Still it was good team bonding and we rode a little around on the northbrook velodrome.
This week is gonna be a pretty good one since it is Grand Prix week here at Purdue which means there are lots of parties to go too. Also I have nearly finished my research project which is pretty exciting. I have a presentation in one class on Thursday and a quiz on Friday then it is off to Regionals in Wisconsin!! Purdue is gonna go to Natz baby!!!!!

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