Thursday, April 24, 2008

Every thing is good!!

This has been a pretty good week. Got new shoes and got fitted on them today. They are Lake 230s. They are white and super stiff. they look pretty sweet! It has been great weather for riding too. I did a 3 hour ride yesterday and I keep forgetting to bring my camera. I really promise that someday I will take some photos on my rides. I got an A on my big exercise physiology paper as well which is great!! I wrote about what the best type of recovery drink is for aerobic exercise. Also I am nearly done running trials for my research project!!! On Friday I will be done and then next week I can get started entering the 100+ days of food records I still have left to enter. Next week is finals week and I have 3 tests but I should still be able to get out on some nice rides. On Saturday I am planning on doing a 5-6 hour ride to explore some new roads. Basically everything is going really well and i hope it is for you too!

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