Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Superweek didn't really go great for me or the team. The 3 races we did were OK but we didnt' get any top 20 results. I got 22nd in Racine which got me excited for the rest of the races but I was pretty tired still and basically did nothing for the rest of the week. Down town Chicago was a pretty sweet location for a crit though and racing at Downer Avenue was really great. I had a few cold refreshing beverages on my cool down lap from some nice fans. I definitely want to do that race again. I learned a valuable lesson too. Racing just for the sake of racing is dumb for me. I need to focus on a few races and doing more than 2 per week usually doesn't result in me doing well so next time I do super week I plan to only do the weekend ones so that I can avoid getting tired and sucking it up again. Hopefully this weekend in Elk grove goes better.

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