Monday, August 4, 2008

Elk grove report

Elk grove went OK but still not great. The first day sucked mainly because we didn't move up early enough at the end and there was basically no way to get to the front because the pack was spread across the whole road. I think the first days course is probably my least favorite course of all time actually. I just didn't like how the long narrow straighaways allowed the pack to bunch up so much. Day 2 was better CC (my team director) told us to get seen so I did a few attacks including a big one on the last lap. I went out of the first hairpin turn and just buried myself but I still dont' have great legs so I blew up and then got caught and passed by everyone. It was cool and I got seen but I really should have had scholzen pull through before I was totally blown because then I might have been able to stay away to the finish with him. He had incredible legs yesterday though. Good luck to everyone racing nationals (especially Greg!!!). I am gonna do 2 criteriums in Marian IN Friday night and Saturday which should be pretty fun.

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