Friday, August 22, 2008

Washington DC trip

I went to Washington DC with my girlfriend to visit my grandma for a week. It was actually pretty sweet. DC is really cool and a pretty nice place for biking. there is basically non stop climbing or descending and even a few climbs over 2 miles long!!! The drivers there are really courteous too. I did some really nice rides. we also went swimming in the chesapeake bay and saw a jelly fish! We went and saw pandas and gorillas and lions and tigers and a huge tortoise at the zoo. We took my grandma to see a bunch of cool stuff too. Then we drove back and I raced downers grove. It kind of sucked since saturday night I had the worst asthma of the whole year and got dropped because of it. then Sunday went OK but not great. i was happy I could breathe though. Dr. Shawn our team chiropractor worked on me sunday morning which I think helped me out a bunch. I decided I should train really hard over the next 2 weeks so I have been doing lots of long rides and am racing just one day this weekend and maybe not at all next weekend. I am hoping to do well at the priority health classic. school starts monday too which should be OK. It will be fun to see everyone that was gone for the summer at least

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