Monday, October 12, 2009

really good weekend/week!

A lot of stuff has happened since Chusok break finished. Friday I met a new friend who goes to a university in Bundang which is this huge suburb of Seoul I also thought I missed the bus home but after waiting for 20 minutes one finally came! Anyway the next day I got up at 6am to meet some teachers from another elementary school to go hiking. They were koreans one was 29 years old, one 35 and one 50! We went to Gaelyong mountain national park near Daejon which is about 120km south of where I live. It was an incredibly beatiful park. We parked at the bottom and started hiking with a ton of other people all around. In korean at famous mountains on the weekend it is almost always crowded. still a great hike but we definitely got caught up in some traffic jams. The view at the top was really spectacular! if you wanna see pictures check out my facebook. after hiking for about 6 hours we at lunch and drank some dong dong ju which is one of my favorite korean drinks! Its this brown colored rice wine that is served ice cold and is great after hiking. Saturday night after hiking I just fell asleep. Sunday morning I finally went riding with a local Korean bike club. Its called the Suwon Alpha team. They do road and mtb racing ( They even put some pics of the ride on the website already that you can check out. We rode trails on SeokSong mountain. It was a blast but there was also a lot of waiting around due to the really wide ability range in the group. also only one guy in the group spoke english so I got a lot of korean practice. We went to lunch after the ride and then I rode 20km back to my house. They were all really nice to me and the owner of the bike shop even offered to pick me up for bike races since I don't have a car yet. There is a road race this weekend but I can't go because i am going to a wedding Saturday evening. Sunday evening i went into seoul and met a new language exchange friend! Monday after work I went for a mtb ride and discovered some new single track trails! They were awesome super technical with rocks but still very rideable! I didn't have time to ride it all though as the sun was setting. I definitely have more exploring to do there!

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