Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busan trip then skiing!! Then monster snow storm

My trip to Busan was great! I had a lot of fun with my friend Misun and her family. They were super nice to show me all over town. As I mentioned last time I at a lot of crazy seafood some of which was still alive! After returning from Busan my English camp at school started. It is definitely tiring teaching 6 hours of class solo to kids who basically don't know any English but I am having a good time anyway.
Sunday night we had a huge snow storm too! It snowed about 10 inches here in Yangji and I guess thats the most they have had at once in over 10 years! The mountains are really beatiful all covered in snow and the skiing is a lot better on real snow! The only problem with all that snow is the fact that there aren't snow plows here to clear the road! So there is a lot of crazy driving going on right now since people aren't really used to driving in snow. Thank goodness my car has 4 wheel drive or I wouldn't even be able to get up to my apartment. Because of the snow they cancelled my english camp for 2 days so I have been going skiing in the afternoon after spending some time planning lessons in the morning.
Last weekend was a lot of fun too! I had 11 friends come to Yangji to go skiing ang 7 of them slept over at my tiny apartment afterwards it was a little cramped but we all had a lot of fun. Up for this weekend is more skiing with friends and more apartment sleep overs. The season pass and the big SUV I got are definitely paying off since I am taking lots of people skiing every week!
I hope everyone had a great christmas and new year!


Anonymous said...

Omma wants to know why you have not called her to wish her a "Happy New Year"? I want to know, why so few photos?

Uncle Willem

Derek Laan said...

I don't have her phone number in St. Maarten. do you know what it is?

Derek Laan said...

your right I need to put some more pictures up! I am really bad at taking them off my camera and putting them onto the computer.