Tuesday, February 23, 2010

parents visit to korea

Last week my parents visited me here in Korea! It was really fun we visited a lot of places, met lots of my friends and tried lots of new foods. We went to the DMZ and stepped in to North Korea and saw real north korean soldiers!!! We went to Seoul several times took a tour of a palace there and saw some famous markets. Sorry for the lack of pictures on the blog I did put some up on facebook though! Other than my parents visit nothing else too exciting has happened except the weather getting really warm (like 40-50s) which is melting all the snow at the ski resort pretty quickly it looks like ski season is almost over for me and it might be time to start riding my bike again. Once the mud is gone I can't wait to get back on the trails and hopefully get in some decent shape for some mountain bike races. I checked a schedule and it looks like there is almost no road racing here except the tour of korea which I can't do because its during school!

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