Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TTT and Jeju Island

The TTT last weekend didn't go as well as I or my team hoped we ended up 5th but our goal was to win. I wasn't in very good shape because I hadn't been riding and only one of our riders was really riding strongly. We didn't ride too terribly but we didn't ride well enough to win either. After the race I headed off with my friends Allan and Daniel to Jeju Island. We took a boat from Mokpo in the far south part of Korea with my car. The boat ride took about 5 hours and was pretty fun. You parked your car on the bottom of the boat and we shared a huge room with about 20 other people where you could sit on the floor or sleep. They had a big cafeteria, convenience store and live music on the boat too. Jeju Island was awesome we went to the beach, camped, hiked up the highest mountain in Korea and I did a little bit of bike riding too. It was an amazing place to ride and I hope I can go back this winter to train before Tour of Korea for a few days. Because its a volcanic island it had really cool nature and even had a lot of palm trees in the south part of the island. The weather was great for our trip too with temperatures in the mid 80s every day and low 70s at night. The only disappointing thing was that every time we gained any kind of elevation the mountain we would be surrounded with fog and wouldn't be able to enjoy the view. It was a great final trip with my great friend Allan who is going back to Canada next week. My knee seems to be holding up pretty well too and I'm training hard. I'm doing 2 more races for sure and maybe a mountain bike race as well. There is a big criterium with a great prize list coming up in October and I really want to ride well at it. Check out www.ecomobility.co.kr

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