Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Awesome weather for biking and writing essays

The weather has been amazing in Korea this past week. I've done a few more big rides and I also got some new shoes for my road bike. I think my old shoes were part of the reason I was having knee problems. The new ones are carbon and are super stiff and more comfortable. I'm starting to feel strong riding again too. Hopefully this is a good sign since I have 2 races coming up soon. This weekend is a Thanksgiving in Korea so I have next Monday and Tuesday off. I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do but camping, bikeing and a big hike are all part of my plans. There is really crazy traffic in Korea during Thanksgiving that can make it really difficult to travel so my plans are all basically in the town I live in so I don't have to worry about traffic. My school year is going well so far and I'm working hard on my MBA applications. I'm applying for the first round meaning the applications are due by mid to late October. I still have a lot to write but I'm making good progress. Hopefully over the Holiday I can get solid drafts of my essays done for each school I'm applying too!

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