Monday, October 31, 2011

Training and an Air Show!

Last week had great weather for riding. It was almost in the 70s a few days. I got in a few good training rides but with it getting dark at 6pm its pretty hard to ride more than an hour after work. This Sunday I am racing the DMZ road race which is a 50 mile~ road race. I did well last year and got second place in my age group so I'm hoping to do well again. There is a points based team competition where the top 5 from each age group get points. My team will definitely be trying to sweep the podium in my age group as we have 3 strong riders but there should be some pretty tough competition. The course is pretty mountainous for me but if I have a good day I should be able to ride well. The next week I will finish off my season with a 30km mountain bike race. I'm hoping to finish off the race season with some strong rides and then do some hiking before skiing starts here.
Last Sunday I went to the Osan Air Show with Yujin. My friend Aaron is a school teacher at the Air Force base there and we went to his neighbors house to watch the show. It was pretty cool and after he took us on a tour of the base. Its like a little piece of America in Korea with American schools, restraunts and a grocery store with basically everything. Thanks to Brad and Aaron for showing me around. I'll post a report about the race next week. Also I'm basically done with my MBA applications. I'll post on here about it again when I decide what school I'm going too. Shoud be an exciting next few months!

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