Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting in some good long miles 용인에서 긴 자전거 타기!

Last weekend I had the weekend off from racing and I decided that since I kept blowing up in races I needed to get back to the basics and get some nice long slow rides.  Generally, I've found that for me the best way to get in shape or improve my form is to do a few long slow rides and with two more races left before a break from racing at the end of July I wanted to improve my form a bit. 

Saturday my friend Matt from Jechon came out and we rode single track for 4 hours around Yangji.  I have lots and lots of great mountain bike trails around where I live and I love showing them to people.  I stayed with Matt a few weeks ago for the 100km Bak Dal Jae mountain bike race and it was fun to finally get the chance to ride with him.  We rode 4 sections of single track with road in between each one it probably ended up being about half road half off road distance wise.  It was pretty hot weather but we both made it through the ride ok.  Below are some pics Matt took on the ride. 

Sunday I rode with some of my friends from the Osan Air Force Base and some new friends as well.  There were 7 of us in total. It was also my last ride with Aaron because he is going back to Indiana for the summer.  I rode from my house and met Dan (a rider from England that rides for team Storm Riders here in Korea and also happens to live in Yongin) and Kevin (who Dan met while out biking on the Han river) in front of Yongin University and then we rode 30 more minutes south to meet up with Aaron, Luis and company.  We went and did a nice climb down in Ansung and then headed north back towards the Yongin University.  After eating lunch with Dan I rode home getting in another solid 4 hours on the bike. 

This weekend I'm racing at the F1 race track in Young Am in the south west corner of Korea.  I'm looking forward to the race and I think the flat curvy track will suit me well.

이번주말에 나긴 천천희라이딩했어요. 나지넌 두번 대회가좀 못탔어서 긴 라이딩필요있었어요. 나 월래잘타고싶으면긴 타는거해야해요.

토요일에 내제천에있는미국인형 메트 양지 싱글 타로 왔어요.  우리 4시간 코스탔어요 싱글 반 도로 반. 양지근쳐에  싱글너무 많이있고 나다른 사람들한태 보여주는거 좋아해요.  너무 더웠지만 찐자좋았어요.  냉면먹고 메트 다시 제천으로 갔어요. 

일요일에 나 항군친구이랑 용인에있는 원어민 친구댄이랑 댄 형 케빈같이 탔어요. 내 친구 에런 이번 주 미국 갈거에서 이번은 우리 마지막 같이탈수있는거이얐어요.    댄이랑 케빈이랑 용인대 앞에서 만나고 항군 친구들 송전조수지 에서 만났어요.  우리 같이 두시간 동안탔어요  안성에서 산한게 타고 다시 용인대로 갔어요.  용인시네 에서 댄이랑 김밥 먹고 집으로 갔어요.  4시간 탔어요.  이번주말에 영암 F1 경기장에서 대회있어요 너무 재미있을거같아요 그리고 코스 나한테 좋은거이에요! 





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