Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Riding, Riding, Riding! 라이딩,라이딩,라이딩!

2 weeks ago I arrived in California to visit my parent in Santa Barbara.  It turns out that this is one of the best, if not the best, place to ride bikes I have ever been.  During my visit I went out for several road rides with my dad and even got to go for one with an old teammate of mine from Purdue, Stephen.  The weather was sunny and 75F every day which was basically perfect for riding.  The days I didn’t road ride I did some epic mountain bike rides. 
Behind Santa Barbara is a huge mountain ridge with a road going to the top of it (7 miles with a 10% average grade).  It’s a pretty painful climb but the riding and the view of the ocean on the top of the ridge is definitely worth it.  I road my mountain bike to the top a few times as well and each ride I got to go down a different single track trail to the bottom.  The trails were super technical but I definitely got some of my skills back that I will need to race mountain bikes this fall. 
In the middle of my time in California I went to Indiana for a few days to go to Jae and Rachel’s wedding.  I was a grooms man and had a great time (but it wasn’t so great for my training). 
After returning to Santa Barbara from the wedding I did some more riding and then my friend Niu Niu came to visit with her friend Charles.  We did a surfing lesson and went for an awesome hike. 
Unfortunately my time in California is over and I’m now in the middle of a cross country road trip to Bloomington, IN.  Right now I’m staying at my friend Joey’s house.  We raced together at Purdue and Joey moved down here to Tuscon after graduating.  The weather is super hot but I’m looking forward to doing some great rides here.  Tomorrow we are doing a 40+km climb from 2000ft elevation to 9,000ft!

2주뒤에미국왔어요.  부머님이캘리포니아에서살고있어서 캘리포니아산타바브라로갔어요.  지금 부머님이있는거  내가살는것이중에자전거타고한태최고이였어요.  집에서 자전거10분타면 바다옆에탈수있고 집뒤에 15분타면 15키로 산얼어가는길있어요 그길얼어가면 내려가는 싱글 8-10키로자리 10개이상있어요!  그래서 매일 자전거타고 놀았어요. 찐자어려운싱글많이타고 좋으도로도많이탔고. 우리 아버지도 싸이클좋해서 같이 많이탔어요.   날씨도최고에요 매일 20도그리고 썬니!  
켈리포니아시간중간에 나 인디엔나갔다왔어요 왜냐하면 친구결혼식있어서.  나 그룸스맨이여서 좀재미있었어요그리고 미국결혼식끈나고 큰파티하니까 너무재미겟놀다왔어요.  
결혼식끝나고 내친구두명캘리포니아왔어요.  이친구들이랑 서핑수업받았어요.  서핑너무재미있어요!!  서핑하고등산하고  산타바바라시내에서 놀았어요.  
이제 내캘리포니아시간끝이에요 나대학원으로가야해요.  근데인디엔나너무멀어요 4000키로정도 캘리포니아에서.  나 지금 Road Trip하는중이야  월요일에 8시간동안 운전하고 투싼 엘리조나왔어요.  내대학교친구 조이  여기살고있어요.  조이도 자전거 대회너무좋아해서 우리 매일 자전거 타고놀거같아요!  목요일에 나도 운전하고 뉴맥시코주로가야해요!  

 This was my view most of the drive to Arizona.  엘리조나가는길에 아무것없다!
 In front of my parent house before embarking for Indiana.  인디에나가기전에 부머님집앞사진.
 My dad and I did some nice rides together while I was in Santa Barbara. 우리아버지랑 자전거 많이탔어요.  여기내자전거랑우리아버지자전거.
 View of the ocean while riding at the top of the big ridge behind Santa Barbara.  산타바바라뒤에있는령정상! 대박아름다웠어요!!
Tons of sweet single track in Santa Barbara too.  I see why people buy trail bikes with 6+ inches of travel now out here.  산타바파라에서 재미있는싱글너무 많아그래서 여기살은사람들 다 다울힐바이크같은거타요. 

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