Tuesday, February 28, 2017

First Race of 2017 / 2017 첫 시합 후기

I haven’t blogged in a while but I decided I would start again this year.  A few new things for this season, my team changed sponsors and we will be on Cipollini bikes this season we also have 2 new younger members who are both really strong which gives us a more well balanced team.  Also the Korean Cycling Federation has changed the format of the races and now there are 2 “leagues” one consisting of the top 30 teams from last year and a lower league with everyone else who isn’t on one of these teams.  The bottom 10 teams from the top league will move down and the top 10 from the lower league will move up next year. 

This past Saturday was the first MCT (Masters Cycling Tour or basically the Korean National Amateur Series)  It was held in Gangjin County about 5 hours south of Seoul where it’s a few degrees warmer.  The course would ordinarily suit me pretty well but this early in the season the 2 mile climb we tackle 3 times before a flat finish is a bit tough for me. 
Last year at this race I got dropped the 3rd time up the climb and finished just behind the lead group so I made my goal for this year to finish in the lead pack.  The weather was pretty cold but a pretty nice day to race (40F and sunny).  The first lap up the climb I felt pretty strong but the second lap I realized I was gonna get dropped the 3rd time up and have to find a way back on.  I decided the only way I was gonna do that is to go my own pace up the climb and then jump on what ever group I could catch afterwards.  Luckily after the downhill I was in a group of about 20 riders about 20 seconds off the main pack (of 40 riders or so) and I thought we would catch up.  We dangled in that position for the next few miles and finally got close with about 5 miles left.  Then the guy in front of me sat up forcing me to attack to catch the pack.  I did manage to catch up but used most of my remaining energy to do so.  The finish was pretty wide open but I didn’t have the legs to put myself in a good position and just coasted in at the back of the pack fro 55th out of 300.  One of my new teammates was also in the lead group and our team ended up placing 11th which isn’t bad considering the course doesn’t suit us.  This was also the first race in Korea I’ve ever been in which featured no crashes what so ever.  It’s a good indication that the new league system is doing a good job of separating based on ability.  The next race is in a month and promises more climbing and a flat finish. 

The day after the race I went out skiing with former Asian Games gold medalist Seon Ho Park.  A bit weird to go from bike racing to skiing but I wanted to get on snow some more before the season ended.  The weekend fun didn’t stop there though.  I woke up at 5am Monday with food poisoning (norovirus).  After Saturday’s race we went out for raw oysters and 3 out of my 10 teammates got sick!  Its Tuesday night now and I’m feeling a lot better but it was not a fun way to start the week! I’m going to Japan on vacation for the next few days but after I get back it will be time to get a bit more serious on the bike!
(pics at the bottom)

오랜 만에 브로그 안썼네요.  올해 다시 써볼게요.  이번 시즌 사황 조금 바꿨어요.  우리 팀 스폰 칲포리니 로 바꿔서 3월부터 자전거 바궐거에요. 2명 팀 새로 들어왔어요 근혁 와 명철.  더 어린 친구들 들어오니까 올해 팀 에너지 와 결과 좋을거같아요.  그리고 MCT 도 리그 식으로 바궈서 시합 도 안전할거아요. 

지난주 토요일 MCT 1차 강진 시합 타고왔어요.  코스는 항상 같은거지만 4키로 언덕 넘어가야하니까 나랑 조금 안맞아요.  그래도 열심히 타려고 강진 내려갔어요. 

작년에 마지막 바궈에 나 언덕에서 바졌지만 이번에 시합 목표는 선두 그룹이랑 완주 하려고이였어요.  2 바귀 잘탔지만 3번째 난 못달라 갈거라고 알고있어서 그냥 내 페이스 타고 다운힐에 잡아 봐야겠다 했어요.  마지막 다운힐 끝나고 20명 이랑 선두 그룹 한 20초 뒤에있었어요.  근데 계속 안잡고있었어요.  10키로 정도 남을때 거의 잡았지만 갑자기 내앞에 있는 사람 페다링 거의 몸쳤어요.  그래서 나 그냥 스피린트 취고 잡았는데 나랑 같이 타는 어진 바졌어요 (미안해 어진 ㅎㅎ).  근데 그렇게 타니까 라스트 치는 힘이 없었어요.  좋은 자리 잡으려고 했는데  힘이 없어 그냥 펙 뒤에 들어왔어요.  그래도 선두 그룹 이랑 들어왔으니까 성공이였어요.  300명쯤에 55등 그리고 우리 팀 11등 했으니까 결과 나쁘진않았어요.  우리 팀 새 멤버 근혁 도 아주 잘탔어요 (첫 시함 인데도 선두 그룹!)

일요일에 나 박선호형 이곤지암 스키 타로 갔다왔어요.  토요일 자전거 시합 타고 일요일 스키 조금 이상 하지만 눈 있을때 많아 타고싶었어요.  재미겠타고 왔다가 월요일 부터 갑자기 배가 아팠어요 ㅜㅜㅜ.  강진 대회 끝나고 생굴 먹었는데 우리팀 10명 중에 3명 아팠어요!!  이제 거의 다나았지만 월요일 너무 힘들었어요 ㅎㅎㅎ.  이번 주 일본 놀로 가지만 와서 가평 MCT 시합 열심히 준비 할게요.  

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