Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The weather switched really quickly yesterday. I think they said the temp dropped 40 degrees in 3 hours here in West Lafayette. It was about 20 degrees outside so Chris and I decided to go mountain biking. It was warm and fun. There were some pretty icy creek crossings though and i did a pretty spectacular crash that involved doing a somersault over my bike on one of them. Normally I am pretty good at riding over ice but I got a little cocky and started pedaling before I was off of the ice. I feel with mountain biking you didn't ride hard enough unless you crash at least once. Tomorrow I am gonna lift and friday I am gonna take a rest day for the first time in about 3 weeks which should feel pretty good. I am going down to Indianapolis to watch the Pacers vs the houston rockets on friday too. I am really tired right now and it is only 9:30. I am gonna go to bed and hopefully I will recover well this week because I have less than 1 month before the first race. Next week is gonna get serious again.

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Alvin Ang said...

Hey Derek!
Firstly, I didn't know that you have a blog. 2ndly, I didn't know that you're going to the Pacers game!! I'm going too. I will cya tmr on the bus!