Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last crits of the year

Saturday and Sunday this past weekend were my last road bike races of the year. They were NRC crits in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor Michigan. Saturday went well and I placed 11th but I feel like I could have done better if I hadn't hesistated with 400m to go and had attacked. That's racing I guess. The course was awesome and had a bunch of long brick sections. Sunday's race was on a brutal course that had 2 small climbs per lab and rail road tracks. it was a fun course but I blew myself up at the beginning and my breathing got really bad. I got dropped but didn't get pulled so I jumped back in the field and actually felt a ton better. I attacked and got a prime and still finished 21st!! The money went 25 deep yet I was the last finisher. I have never been in a race where that happened before! I am taking a break from racing this weekend and then I am gonna do 4 weekends of college mountain biking in a row so that I can go to nationals with the Purdue team.

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