Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lindsey Wilson!!

This year's mtb season started off pretty well. I placed 2nd in the short track at Lindsey Wilson. My lungs hurt like crazy but at least I was able to breath well which usually isn't the case. I sucked in the dual slalom and should probably stop trying to do it since I seem to get worse at jumping every year. then I got a flat 3 miles into the XC race and had to quit. That was pretty frustrating but it happens. Mad props to Dallas Fowler for kicking butt both days this weekend.
School is getting pretty stressful now too. I have lots of lab reports and papers to write which are time consuming and sometimes frustrating. So I decided to forgo going to the races in michigan this weekend so that I could hopefully get ahead on all of the work and race at butler without as much stress. I am still planning on going to nationals and I hope I can get in good enough shape to get a top 10 short track finish there!

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