Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Epic Ride to Illinois

This past weekend I decided I would combine 2 things I really like; visiting my girlfriend and epic bike rides.  So I decided I would ride my sweet new Felt F1 (pics coming soon!) from West Lafayette to Urbana, IL a ride of about 90 miles.  I left Saturday morning at 9:45 and it took me about 5:15 to get there with a cross/tail wind most of the way.  It is an extremely beautiful ride!  The hills in Warren County, IN are amazing with rocks, cliffs, streams and forest everywhere.  I even spent a few miles on dirt roads which the bike handled excellently.  After riding through Kickapoo state park the ride got a little less epic.  I rode the same road for 25 miles in  almost a completely straight line!!  It was cool sort of because the road was really narrow and basically only wide enough for one car.  Along the way there were also quite a few crazy dogs.  Once I arrived at my girlfriend Ellen's place I realized something was wrong with my stomach.  She had made an awesome lunch of chinese foods for me but I could barely eat.  My stomach felt like it was gonna explode after just a few bites.  So I basically didn't eat hardly anything for the next 2 days in order to try to get rid of the problem.  Thankfully on Sunday Ellen drove me to Kickapoo state park to start my ride home which cut out the 25 miles of boring roads.  It was still tough because I couldn't eat anything so I did the whole ride on 3 bottles of gatorade!  There was a killer head wind too (how often does the wind come from the East??!!)  I bonked pretty well with about 25 miles left and I broke my chain but i fixed it and made it home in time to continue not eating for the next 24 hours.  My stomach is still not completely better but at least I am able to get some food down.  Any ideas as to what might be wrong with my stomach are welcome.  Thanks for reading.  

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