Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home Race!!

This past Saturday was the Purdue Road Race and Team Time Trial. I wasn't the official organizer this year because I was sort of teaching Joey and Brian how to organize the race so they could do it completely without me next year. They did a great job and everything went really smoothly. I think it was even better than when I organized it the past 2 years especially with having plenty of volunteers. The racing was fast and furious and most importantly no one got hurt. I don't think there was a single crash in the road race for any category. My races went well. We got 3rd in the TTT even beating Lindenwood who had gotten us at Depauw. We rode very well together and I think we have a good shot at getting 3rd at regionals even. The road race was good too. I wasn't feeling very strong this week but I was feeling good after the TTT. I missed the winning break of 12 at first but after 1 lap I had joey up the pace leading up to Eagle hill and then I attacked at the bottom and managed to bridge the gap a few hundred meters after the top of the hill. The group ended up being 3 marian, 3 lindsey wilson, 2 lindenwood, Chris and me. I was happy we both made it. The last trip up the hill there were some attacks and I was riding so hard I was cross eyed. I managed to hang on but I was spent for the final trip up the hill and only managed 8th place. I still earned some good points towards nationals and Chris Won. He outsprinted everyone up the hill! It was awesome to finally see a Purdue rider win our home race in the A category. Stephen also won for Purdue in the Men C category. The crit at Marian got cancelled for the Men A due to a thunderstorm which sucked because I could really use the points for my individual score towards nationals qualifying. I won't be in Wisconsin because I will be presenting the research I did all of the last year at the national meeting for the American Society for Nutrition (www.eb2009.org). Pretty exciting stuff. Well I better get back to doing school work and writing my research project.

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