Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally I did well!!!

I got 4th and 8th this past weekend at U of Michigan and Michigan State U. I am really pleased to have final done well in some races and earn some points towards going towards nationals. It looks like it will be a battle to qualify for nationals either as a team or individual but I am up to the challenge and am ready to throw down both this weekend and at Regionals at OSU.
My result Saturday was better than I expected but somehow I made the right moves. I ended up in a break with 3 marian riders and me! I was really tired and could barely pull but I managed to hold their wheels and it was only fair to let them get 1-3 because they were nice enough not to attack and drop me which would have resulted in me getting caught and passed by a lot of other riders. Sundays race was a bit weird with about 15 of us sprinting at the end and a Marian rider off the front. Chris and I finished 8th and 9th but we probably could have done better if we had sprinted earlier. My only goal with this collegiate season is to get to nationals so I can hopefully improve on my 8th place in the crit last year and to have a great final season with my Purdue team that I and my teammates have worked hard to build into one of the biggest and funnest teams in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference. This weekend is our road race on a course that I helped design 3 years ago. I hope I can pull off a good result in front of my home crowd!

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Seth said...

Hey Derek, good to see you again and great racing this weekend. I'm sorry I wasn't able to join you Sunday and won't make the Purdue race either. Those rad climbs make the two races my favorites of the MWCCC season. Give 'em an extra bit of hell for me!

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