Monday, March 2, 2009


This weekend was the first of the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference road series. It was at Murray State University in Kentucky. It was pretty wild weather and even wilder courses. On Saturday I was the official for the Men’s C race so I followed them in my car. My teammate Naveen John had an awesome day. He broke away in the first lap and never looked back. I was amazed and excited!! Brian R and Andrew O also notched top 10s while blocking for Naveen. My race was OK but I didn’t get a good result. I didn’t really eat enough before the race or bring enough food with me. However Joey I got in the winning break and placed 5th which was great!!! I was so proud of Joey he has improved so much over the last 2 years!! After this weekend I am expecting more big things from him this season!!! Chris and I basically stayed in the field and tried to sprint. Chris fared better in that than I did but at least I didn’t get dropped! It was pretty bad conditions with rain, snow, sleet and about 35 degrees for 64 miles. Murray created a very fun, safe, challenging and scenic race course.Sunday was the criterium and we woke up to an inch of snow but not much on the roads. The course was less than 1 mile and had like 12 turns or something crazy like that. Seemed like a good course for me but with my tough classes this semester I am pretty far behind on the whole training thing and couldn’t really follow anyone very well. I started off with the lead group for about 10 minutes of 60 and I kept losing time in the corners which many people were crashing in. I think I finished 12th but I just kept getting passed and basically rode alone the whole time. It was a relentless course and I still enjoyed it but hopefully I get a lot stronger come April so we can qualify for nationals! Purdue’s Men’s D team turned in some good performances with 2 top tens from George and Chris L. Brian got 3rd in the Men’s C which was another good finish for him. For myself I was just happy to get the first weekend of racing out of the way and not have crashed. I am confident next weekend’s races at Depauw will bring better results.