Thursday, March 26, 2009

Double post (I wrote it in the car on the way to Arkanas last week)

This was another busy week but Day light savings time let me ride every day which was great. I could come home from school at 6pm and still get in an hour ride! I am sitting in the car driving to Arkansas for spring break as I write this. I had a test Friday which went pretty well (I think) and I had a major paper due as well. I also had a food demonstration for my nutrition communication class. Think a 10 minute version of a cooking show and that is what we did for my class. We partnered up and had to make 2 things for our class. Basically we all made awesome food and got our breakfast and lunch in class. My partner Anna and I made granola bars and a strawberry banana smoothie. The granola bars were amazing and very chocolaty. That was probably the most fun class of the semester. We ate chicken pot pies, fruit pizzas, smoothies, salsas, and much more. I am really glad to be on spring break now. I am still gonna try to get ahead on homework but I plan to ride and relax some as well. Also we celebrated Joey’s 21st birthday on Thursday which was really fun. Happy Birthday Joey I am looking forward to more fun before I graduate. Sunday is the Hell’s Kitchen Road race which should be fun. I am betting on Greg, Naveen and Joey to win each of their categories.

Now I understand!!

I finally figured out why people in Arkansas drive beat up old pick up trucks. On Friday Naveen and I decided to drive to White Rock Mountain and do an epic hike. We got an epic drive as well. It was 25 miles of crazy steep, narrow and rocky dirt roads to get to this place. I thought the little Honda Fit was gonna shake apart! It was well worth the drive however and we got a really epic hike. There were water falls, cliffs, and lots of rocks. The reason we were hiking was the fact that I got a saddle sore which made riding for most of the week pretty painful. This has been a recurring problem for me as many of you know but I made the best of it and did 2 epic hikes in between the rides. With 20 people this still proved to be a pretty epic spring break trip. One night myself and 3 others spent 2 + hours preparing BBQ chicken for 20 people. We basically used every dish from all 3 of our cabins and then spent over 1 hour doing dishes. It was well worth it. It is just now sinking in that this is gonna be my last spring break trip. I can’t believe in less than 3 months I will be done with college!! Every year I come back from Arkansas wanting more and saying that I am gonna move there someday! We will see in April after I find out about the dietetic internships!

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Use Neosporin on those SOBs, with a band-aid if you can get it to stay on.