Monday, November 23, 2009

Cold then warm again!

It got really cold last week! It was getting into the 20s every night and usually not above freezing during the day. I thought it was the end of biking for a while for sure but I was wrong! Today its almost 60 outside!! They made a bunch of snow at the ski resort and even opened it but! Its pretty warm to ski now. I bought some new skis last weekend and I am looking forward to trying them out this weekend hopefully the snow hasn't melted!
I can' t believe how much easier it is to do what I want now that I have a car. The busses here are great and all but they take a really long time and you can' t bring a bike on the bus. Kyung Hee university where I take Korean classes used to be over a 1 hour bus ride and is now just a 30 minute drive! This weekend I used the car to go to a mountain that busses don't go to to hike with some friends. We hike up Jobi San(san means mountain in Korean). It was in the south part of Yongin about a 20 minute drive from my apartment. It was definitely the most beatiful mountain I have hiked in Yongin County so far! It is almost all rocks and the top has no treet just big rocks which makes for a huge panoramic view of a giant valley and other mountains. It wasn't a very tough hike but he view was really great! Saturday I went and bought some new skis with a teacher from a nearby elementary school. I am really pumped to do some serious skiing this winter. In 2 weeks my school is taking a trip to Gangwon do to ski which is where the big ski resorts in Korea are located. I am planning to go there again to check out some other resorts. Before skiing I am hoping to get in some more good hikes and bike rides though!

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