Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crazy mtb ride!

This week was full of mountain bike riding! Now that I have a car I can ride every day after school for an hour or so and still make it to my Korean class. So I think I rode 6 days this week! The weather was pretty good for mountain bike riding and the leaves are starting to get cleared off the trails. There are about 5 mtb loops that I can do in about 1 hour or less from my house which is nice. They all involve a long hard climb (think 2-3 miles at more than 7% on gravel roads ouch!) Saturday I joined the Korean mtb club I joined for a ride too. We rode at Gwanggyosan in Suwon. It was a much harder ride than the last one I went on and we did a bunch of really nice trails and some really crazy steps!!! Somehow I pinch flatted my front tire on a step too! Also Gwanggyosan is one of the most popular area mountains for hiking and so it was completely covered in hikers. We passed people literally about every 20-30 seconds not a place I would normally choose to ride on my own but it worked out OK with a big group. After the ride we at lunch and drank Mack goli which is a Korean rice wine. It was a really fun ride and I was really happy that my korean has improved enough for me to actually be able to participate in conversations! I need to keep studying though I still don't know a lot but I am happy that I am improving quickly. After the bike ride I met up with my friend Byung woon to shop for a GPS for my car and then he invited me to a thanksgiving party with some of his other american friends. It was great I met a lot of cool people and got to eat turkey, mashed potatoes and all of the other thanksgiving foods! Today I was supposed to go hiking with someone but it has been raining and cold all day so we decided to do it another time. This did give me a good opportunity to clean up my apartment at least.