Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Driving a car in Korea!!

This past week and a half I realized just how expensive driving a big diesel SUV can be when gas is $6 per gallon! really expensive!!! Also all of the driving I am doing is basically city driving with lots of stopping and going which eats up gas too! I definitely need to balance my driving with some bus riding. Riding the bus works well on the weekends and when I am not in a hurry to get somewhere. Anyway things are going pretty well here! It got cold again so I haven't been riding my bike but this weekend is a big ski trip with my school to Gangwon do which is where the biggest mountains in korea are!. I made friends with 2 of the girl teachers at my school who are young and they both also bought season ski passes to the Yangji Pine resort! So I have a couple of ski buddies now! They speak english too but it will be good for me to practice korean with them too. Last weekend I had dinner at a korean friends parents house! it was awesome we at fresh korean oysters, fish and pork spare ribs all cooked on a grill! It was really fun! In other news I have some korean friends who live in Yangji. They work up at the Asiana country club which is a big famous golf course here. Next week I should have a good update to post after the ski trip.

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