Monday, March 22, 2010

everland and suwon fortress and riding with my club again

This last weekend was again super busy. Last week I got 2 good rides in and then it snowed again! But I found a new fire road climb that leads to the top of another near by mountain range meaning I discovered a bunch of new descents and trails to try out. Unfortunatly I haven't had a free weekend day to go ride out there and explore more. I was planning to ride out there this afternoon but it started snowing at noon and now there is 5 inches on the trails agian! I hope it melts soon so I can get back out riding soon. This weekend was really fun. Friday night was a get together for all the male teachers at school. We played volley ball, korean pool and went out to dinner. Saturday I went to everland with some friends. Everland is Korea's version of Disney world and its only 20 minutes from my house! It wasn't a very nice day weather wise (45 and rainy and cloudy) so we practically had the park to ourselves. That turned out to be my undoing. I guess I'm not as good at riding roller coasters as I used to be! I rode 4 rides in 30 minutes and my stomach couldn't take anymore. i ran off the roller coaster and tossed my cookies. Fortunatly there are other things to do there than roller coasters so we spent some time recovering and looking at teh big zoo they had. I got to feed raw chicken to a tiger at the zoo! It was pretty cool. After everland we walked around the Yongin central park and went to bed early from the exhausting day. Sunday my bike club came to Yangji again! We tried out a different set of trails this time and they were even more impressed. 15 people came this time. Its definitely nice having them come to Yangji to ride it saves me the 45 minute ride to the shop to ride somewhere else. Sunday afternoon I met up with Allan, Jissu and Mandy to walk around the Suwon Hwaseong fortress. It was nice weather but pretty windy. I got some new cycling tights for 10 bucks at the city market too. It was a great weekend overall. This week should be pretty busy as my after school program is starting but thats good new since it means I will make some extra money.

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