Thursday, April 1, 2010

finally nice weather!

The weather has gotten a lot better here in Korea! I have been riding a lot after school and trying to get in shape for my first race of the year next weekend! A 21 km mass start hill climb is gonna be a lot different than any other race Ive done before Im sure. Last weekend I rode with a new Korean bike friend and went hiking with Allan to a Chon Gye Mountain in the south part of Seoul. I forgot my camera though! Yesterday I actually had the day off from school because it was the 102nd anniversary of my school opening! I went with my friend Eun Jong to the Korean War memorial in Seoul. It was really intersting to learn about the Korean war. I didn't know a lot about the war before I went and I didn't realize that the south was almost defeated at one point! This weekend Im gonna go to Hong Dae with my friends which is a famous part of seoul for clubbing. Should be fun I will hopefully also get some good riding in!

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