Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a lot of rain!

This last week has had a lot of rain it seems like. I need to go riding to get back in shape for the race i have next wednesday (its a national holiday called children's day) but I have only ridden once in teh past week! It was a great ride though! There is a mountain bike club for foreigners based out of seoul and they came out to Yangji to go riding on Saturday. They actually have a really nice trail that I have never ridden that is only about 3 miles from my house! So I met up with them saturday morning. it was a really great trail they had (5 miles of gradually down hill single track) with a minimal hike a bike sections. After the ride we had a big barbeque too which was really great! Sunday I went out to my friend SangMi's cabin in yang pyeong again! It was even better than when I went there in the winter time! Really warm weather during the day! we had a barbeque and enjoyed the sunshine we also went into the town and walked along the river. I even went swimming in the Han river(which had a really muddy bottom!) Another good but tiring weekend! Its rained the last 3 days now! so I hope it clears up so I can do a decent ride on thursday! My race next week is a 17km road criterium on mountain bikes. there are about 100 people signed up for my category so it should be interesting. I'm hoping for a field sprint! I also hope that even though I barely ride here I can pull off a podium finish for my team!

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