Monday, April 5, 2010

Great riding!!

This past weekend I finally got in some serious riding again! I have my first race of the year this weekend so I really needed to get some good miles and climbing in. There was a big network of fire roads that I had seen hiking that I kept meaning to go ride but I didn't have time. So Saturday morning I didn't make any plans and I rode straight there after getting up. It was amazing riding 2-3 mile fire road climbs that went all the way up the ridge line of mountains and it was all rideable ( a lot of the trails here have hike a bike sections because they are so steep and rocky). It was great training and I found a bunch of new single track descents that I need to go back and ride. I got in a 4 hour ride and it felt great to finally do some real riding again! Sunday I threw some slick tires on my mountain bike and went road riding. Again I found some amazing new roads! I am feeling pretty good but I have no idea how I will do in this weekends race! Sunday afternoon my friend Seung Mi and I went to a baseball game in Incheon(about 50 minutes in the car). It was only 8 bucks and we had a blast! We went to Wolmi Island after the race and had some grilled clams, oysters and other seafood too! I was happy to find out that its only going to cost $50 for the race weekend though! My team has a van we are driving and all we have to pay for food gas and lodging is $20 bucks!(race entry was 30). Hopefully I find some good climbing legs and can get a good result. Then I will be really motivated to do some more mountain bike races. Wish me luck this weekend! I promise to post some pics from the trip!


zenbicyclist said...

How is the racing scene in Korea? I sold a Kline off ebay to someone in Thailand last year. He sent me pictures of the guys he rode with. They have much nicer bikes than we have here in Michigan.

Derek Laan said...

yeah people in korea have really nice bikes too. there aren't as many races in america but the ones they do have at least for mountain biking which i have done have been super well organized and a lot of fun.