Thursday, August 19, 2010

back to korea

I have been pretty busy since getting back to Korea! I got a new road bike (as a present from my dad! Thank you!!) I also had to start working (doing english camp classes at school) the day after I got back! Im pumped about my new bike and have been riding a lot since coming back. I've even discovered a few new routes in the are. one of which is a 20% average grade hill thats about 1-1.5 miles. Its super steep and its a cement 1 lane road!!! Its really really hard similar to mt nebo in arkansas except way narrower and with a really bad road surface. Im training to get in shape because next weekend I have 2 bike races a 20km hill climb and a 40km mtb race and I don't know when the next race Im gonna do after that is so I need to make these ones count!! Last weekend was busy and pretty fun I did a 6 hour ride on saturday( it poured rain on me for the first 3!!) and then went camping in my town with some friends! Sunday I went to a baseball game in seoul which was pretty fun and relaxing. This week has been busy and good too although it seems to rain every time I go riding here but it doesn't realy get much colder when it rains so that makes it a lot more bearable than rain in Minnesota which would drop the temperature a lot usually. I hope I will be in good shape for the races anyway my asthma is way better here regardless so that helps me ride climbs and flats a lot better. I will try to post a pictur of my sweet new bike later. Next week I have monday and tuesday off so Im going to Gojye Island this weekend to visit my friend Jay who is korean and was an exchange student at purdue. Its supposed to be really beatiful there with nice mountains and beaches. Tuesday im going to everland for round 2 hopefully my stomach handles the roller coasters a little better this time!!!

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