Tuesday, August 3, 2010

America and Tour of Elk Grove

I came back to america last monday for a 2 week visit! My friends Joey and Chris from Purdue picked me up at the airport in indianapolis and we immediately went to go eat 2 of my favorite foods Popeyes' chicken and Moes burritos! I spent the next few days catching up with old friends at purdue, visitin my grandma and aunt in Greencastle and visiting my friend sarah in bloomington. Saturday and Sunday was the tour of elk grove which is a big money criterium in Chicago. Greg was nice enough to let me borrow his bike so I could race my first real crit of the year. Man racing was a lot harder than I remember! So many hard accelerations out of each corner. I managed to make it through both days with out getting dropped though so i'm happy. I think if I come back to the US I can get myself back into good criterium riding shape by just riding a few races. After elk grove I stayed at my friend Dr. Shawn and Jerel's place in naperville and monday I drove to Minnesota. I grew up in Minnesota and went to high school here so it feels a lot more like home than indiana but I haven't been here in 2 years! Its great to be back and see my old friends. Tomorrow I have to go back to indiana again. Thursday and Friday I will get to see my mom, dad and sister too then Saturday morning its back to Korea! I'm having a great time enjoying the US but im excited to go back to Korea also!


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joven said...

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