Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to get really sunburned!! Mud festival!!

After getting really sunburned in Busan I took a day off to get ready to go back to america on Friday. My friend danny also came and slept over at my house because on Saturday we were going to the Boryeong Mudfestival. its the biggest festival in Korea and had all kinds of activities involving mud which Boryeong is famous for. We went on a group tour thing and a bunch of my other friends came too! Allan was the organizer of our group, brittany, nicole, and alex also came. As did brittany's little brother Payton who was 6'5"!! he was a pretty cool guy. The first thing we did was a 5km mud run race. They said the top 10 runners would get prize money so I decided I would go for it! even though I haven't run at all in about a year and a half Im still in good shape from biking. I stayed with the top 5 guys fro 2km then the mud got a lot softer and I blew up hard! I had to stop and walk a few times!! Anyway the run was on this huge mudflat area and it was pretty cool to see. After that we bussed to the real festival which is held on a nice sand beach but they truck mud in from the mud flat where we had the race! At the festival they had mud slides, mud obstacle courses, mud wresting, mud painting and other stuff! it was really funny seeing thousands of people covered in mud. If you weren't covered in mud you stuck out! It was easy to clean off too because you could go jump in the ocean to wash off the mud! There were soo many people there! They had a free concert at night too with some korean pop stars that was really fun too. After it they had a huge outdoor dance party! Anyway it was a really good time and I made some new friends that I met at teh festival. Im definitely going back next year!! Right now I am waiting at the airport! My flight leaves in 1 hour!

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