Sunday, July 4, 2010

Winning a bike race!!

I finally won a bike race again! First time since the Depauw Collegiate Criterium in 2008!!!! It was a 50km road race in Hwaeng Song County Gangwon Province. It started with getting up at 4:30 am to drive the race with Pablo(Korean guy who is the boss/sponsor of the team) and my teammate Peter. It rained on the way there but the weather was nice the rest of the day. Anyway I was in the senior men 30 and under category for guys on road bikes and there were only about 30 people or so in the race. There were 3 2-3km climbs on the course and a few smaller ones so it was actually a pretty good course for me (no extended climbing). After riding pretty slow from the start 2 guys who were pretty fast attacked and I bridged up a minute later and so did Josh who is in the airforce here. The 4 of us worked put a big gap to the pack and worked well together. on the first climb one of the Korean guys set a pretty good pace and I thought he would be the man to watch. But on the second climb we dropped one guy and then josh put in a small effort and I waited for who I thought was the fast climber to follow but he didn't so I went up to Josh and we time trialed together. We worked well together until a downhill section where josh slightly over cooked a corner and had to break hard he shifted and jammed his chain and had to get off the bike to fix it. I waited a little then I realized there were only 5km to go and I didn't want us to get caught. I ended up finishing solo for the V. It was a super pretty course and I really enjoyed the race. I won a camel back, night riding light and a special jersey for winning the race. Im pleased to finally get a win! Im feeling pretty good riding lately but unfortunaly the only other race coming up before I go on a trip to america is a hill climb so Im gonna skip it. Im making friends with some of the riders from other teams who race here. Korea has a pretty nice racing scene and I can't wait to race a bunch this fall. Anyway it was really fun to get to be on the top of a podium again. so Im motivated to keep riding and stay in semi good shape besides the races here all have amazingly beatiful courses. A lot of people were taking pictures so hopefully I can find some online. to post here!

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