Sunday, June 27, 2010

World cup Craziness

Koreans are crazy about the world cup!!! Its a lot more intense than any other sporting event I have every experienced in america. Korea had a game this past saturday night against Uruguay so I went with a few of my friends to watch it out doors at the Yongin Soccer stadium. There were a ton of people there! Everyone was wearing red Korea shirts too (me included). We watched the game on a huge screen and it was like being there. Everyone was cheering and going crazy. Korea scored once to tie the game 1 1 and everyone was jumping up and down and hugging!! it was really fun but unfortunately Uruguay scored another goal and won. Too bad all the world cup craziness here is now over! Sunday I went out to Incheon! I hung out with my friend Brittany! we went to the ocean and went to Wolmi Island which is kind of like a big amusement park. They have this ride that spins around and bounces up and down and you have no seat belts. This guy controls it and he has a microphone and he talks to you and makes comments about the people on the ride. There was a crowd of probably 300 people watching everyone get bounced around! The guy controlling it picks out people and tries to make them fall out of their seat or slide into the randome person they are sitting next too. It looked really fun! So I really wanted to ride it even though I have a weak stomach! it was awesome for the first 5 minutes then I started getting sick and had to focus on not barfing! The ride lasted 15 minutes!!! I felt really sick but I didn't barf! Brittany and I both had really sore arms after the ride but it was totally worth it! although I donj't know if I will ever ride it again. After that we went to Incheons China town and Freedom park which were both cool and china town had awesome food. Anyway Incheon is pretty cool and we had amazing weather too! Up for this next week is a lot of bike riding since I have a race on sunday out in Gangwon Province.! 50km with 3 bigish climbs! Im gonna win this time!

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