Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friends birthday party and yongin 5 day market

Last weekend was another good one with lots of stuff packed in. Friday night I met up with my new friend Sean who is a Korean university student who is volunteering at my school every friday. we ate pizza and he is a really cool guy. Saturday I went biking in the morning and got a flat tire! I got bitten by a million mosquitos while changing it too! Saturday afternoon my friends brittany and allan came to Yongin and we went to the traditional market where I picked up 3 new shirts for 11 bucks! The Yongin market happens on the 5, 10, 15,20,25 of every month and has the best deals in town on basically everything from vegetables to toys to clothes! After that we enjoyed some Sundae guk and went to the Yongin Agricultural Theme park which also happens to be really close to my house. Its free for any Yongin City resident (meaning me) but it wasn't quite as cool as I expected there is a bunch of flowers and trees and some animals and a few tractors but thats basically it. It would also be a good place to have a picnic. After that we headed up to Gwangju where my friend Danny lives for his birthday party. it was really fun. We cooked samgyupsal, and had a good time. Sunday I went up to meet my friend in in Yangju City north of seoul. We went swimming in a big valley! It was realy fun! Up for this weekend is a 43 km mtb race all on one big loop! Top 6 get prizes in this one so hopefully I have a good race and can finally win something at a race here!

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