Wednesday, June 16, 2010

how to break your mountain bike a lot!

So I had a lot of bike breakage this past week! I guess thats what happens when you ride a 3 year old mountain bike with 6 year old wheels a lot on super rocky trails. Last friday I cracked my rear hub! It was a 6 year old Hugi hub that I got as a high school graduation present! I could still roll the wheel but then you pedaled nothing happened. so I had to push my bike 3km home!
I bought a new rear wheel at my bike shop and then I had a race on sunday. (which ended up getting turned into a fun ride because it rained so much that the creek crossings on the course became super dangerous). In the race my cleat came loose and so did my rear break wire! ahhh!! anyway I guess I got lucky that it was a fun ride instead of a race. I still had a good time riding the course with my team though. It was definitely the hardest mtb course I have ever done. It climbed for about 45 minutes right off the start! up to about 3000 feet and then you rode on a huge ridge with awesome views on super duper bumpy rocky fire roads. It would have been a fun course to race on but I liked getting to enjoy the view a bit too. The race was in Gapyeong county which is a famous place in korea for hiking and big mountains. I definitely plan to come back next year to that race. During the race as well my front fork basically stopped working so it looks like I need to take that to my bike shop to get the oil changed! mountain biking definitely isn't the cheapest hobby in the world but I definitely wanna keep tearing up the trails out here. Up for this weekend is another race. This time an 87km road race near the border with North Korea! I better be careful. It should be another beatiful course. It has 2 big mountain climbs in it.

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