Monday, June 21, 2010

finally doing well in a bike race!!!

I got 2nd in my race last weekend and finally got on the podium here in korea. It was a 70km road race with 2 mountains but it was a lot more complicated than that because it was by age group and there were 2 timed races in one and the sum of the times is what determined the result. The first part was from the start to the top of a big 10km or so climb. I got dropped and finished like 6th in my group thinking oh man I wonj't drop these guys on the next climb. But we restarted at the descent of the climb and they timed from the bottom of the descent to the finish as well. so all of the guys who were relatively close on time started together again(but you got to chose when you started) so a big group of us who were all close plus a bunch of fast people from other age groups all started the second part together. there was a shorter steeper 5km climb on the second part of the course. My teammate Scott (who was leading the 38-48 year old age group)pushed the pace and we dropped everyone except one other guy from my age group by the top. After that we pace lined together to the finish and I ended up moving into second in my group! The prize for second in my age group was 90 pounds of rice!!!! My team ended up getting second in the team competition too which was based on age group results so we won 500 bucks to split between 4 guys! The race also had free lunch and Makkoli(korean rice wine) for afterwards! All for 20 bucks! This has me really excited to do some more racing but it looks like there is only one more race coming up anytime soon its a 50km road race with 3 small mountains in it! sounds like a better course for me than 1 huge mountain and one small one.

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